When I quit my corporate job to work for a startup from my kitchen table, my parents and their friends thought I was mad.

I quit my job to join a startup

I see their point of view. I had graduated from a good university with a Bachelor of Commerce. With a business degree under my belt and an ambition that occasionally worries some, I was moving up the ladder in strides. I had started building the foundations of a corporate wardrobe, my LinkedIn profile was looking strong, and I even had my own business cards. To them it looked like I was on the right track.

Appearances are deceptive.

Under the surface I was beginning to burn out. A future of 30 years of impractical footwear and morning traffic, just to be able to retire and go to the beach at lunchtime, seemed uninspiring.

That all changed when a work colleague suggested I apply for a job at Timely, and in spontaneity, I did.

That decision changed my life. I’m a few months in now, and I can say with 100% conviction that I have gained more in my few months in this job than all of my years of study and nine-to-five positions put together.

What’s it like to be a part of #timelylife? Here’s what comes to mind:

1. My opinion is valued

Working for a startup is a pretty cool way to gain experience and skills across different disciplines. Since starting here, I’ve been asked more than seven times where I see myself in the company in the next few years (not that I’m counting!).

When you work for a startup, input is an expectation rather than a privilege.

At Timely, I’ve found that new members’ opinions and thoughts are considered just as valid as someone who is for all intents and purposes, “your boss.” When you work for a startup, input is an expectation rather than a privilege. You’re considered talented and valued straight off the bat, which is awesome if you’re a recent graduate like me.

2. I’ve saved money

When I worked in the city, coffee, lunch, parking and gas for my car were all daily expenses I didn’t really think about. Now that I work remotely, frivolous spending is no longer a thing. An added bonus is that you don’t need to splash out on a corporate wardrobe, which when I’m partial to sparkly dresses and fitness gear, is a good thing!

3. I’m more social

Working in a corporate environment, my energy levels would always be depleted by the time I got home at night. I never felt like being social after work and I had to force myself to do some sort of physical exercise.

I can head to the beach with a friend in the middle of the day.

When you work remotely, work hours are no longer the rigid elephant in the room. If the weather’s good, I can head to the beach with a friend or head out for a hike in the middle of the day. Then when everyone’s zoned out watching television, I can get real work done.

4. I live a healthier lifestyle

I’m the kind of person who would book an appointment with a naturopath before a doctor. Healthy living is really important to me, and we all know that starts with eating good food and exercise.

When I started working from home, I had the time to cook and prepare delicious healthy food for myself. Flexible hours mean I can take a rest if I need one, and head out for a run when I feel like it.

5. I’m nicer to be around

Having energy at the end of the day has been the best thing since I started working remotely.

Being naturally more introverted, my energy sources are no longer completely wiped after a long day in a busy office. Working in my own company most of the day has lead me to really relish my time with family and friends. My afternoon coffee breaks have been replaced with walking the dog, or heading out for a run so I’m always in a pretty relaxed state for when others get home.


So far, working at Timely has been an incredibly rich experience. It’s a startup where employees work remotely, and acceptance and flexibility is built into this culture that has developed. It’s so different from everywhere else I’ve worked, and that’s what’s good about it. I’m happy to say that my parents are no longer worried.

Whenever I make the commute from the coffee pot to my work table, I remember how special it is to be able to have a meaningful career and live a fulfilling life.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.