Since launching our partnership with Afterpay, we’ve seen some of our customers double their revenue! We want you to have the same insane success with Afterpay too. Here’s some in-depth expert advice on making Afterpay a game changer in your business.

How to use Afterpay to Boost Your Business

With Afterpay, your clients will be more inclined to spend a bit extra when they visit your salon, as they are able to spread the cost of their appointment over four instalments, enabling your employees to sell more products, gift vouchers and also upsell deluxe services.

Afterpay could be life changing to your business.

If we didn’t have Afterpay we’d probably have only 70% of the clients we have now. — The Lash Room, Gold Coast, Australia

We’re serious, here’s proof!

Since we brought out Afterpay last year, we’ve been closely looking at the numbers, so here are some sweet stats for you:

  • Clients that use Afterpay spend on average 79% more than customers using credit card, eftpos or cash!
  • Over 1,000 Timely customers are now using Afterpay
  • Timely customers using Afterpay have seen an increase of up to 94% in sales

Why does Afterpay boost sales?

Well, clients who use Afterpay naturally use it for larger amounts, so with Afterpay, your clients will spend more with you today knowing that they can pay it off over time.

What can my clients use Afterpay for?

  • Retail
  • Hair and beauty services
  • Wellness treatments such as personal training and massage
  • Clinic services, including injectable treatments

Making Afterpay a hit at your business

Tell your clients that they can look good, feel better now, and pay later. You can explain that by paying with Afterpay they are spreading the bill over four payments, making spending more manageable, rather than relying on a credit card. Plus, unlike a credit-card, there are no additional fees or interest charged to the client so long as they make each of the four payments. Give your clients the option to live within their means and take control of their budget, while still being able to treat themselves.

“For the clients who use Afterpay already, if they have a huge event coming up, I suggest putting their lashes on Afterpay and spending their cash at the restaurant or bar, because obviously, you can’t Afterpay your night out! Clients are really grateful that we’ve thought of that for them!” — The Lash Room, Gold Coast, Australia

Close like a boss

Use these benefits to close and ask for the sale, we often forget to ask and leave it up to the client. Here’s an example pitch:

  1. Mention Afterpay in the first few minutes of greeting them e.g. “Did you know that we have Afterpay now? Have you tried it? (mention the benefits)”.
  2. Once you have finished the consultation, double check the client’s decision e.g.“Does this work for you?”.
  3. Then start the close, “Shall we do (service X) & (treatment Y) then? (recap what you decided)”.
  4. Finalise the close, “Let’s put it on Afterpay shall we! Great, let’s do (X & Y service/treatment)”.

Now lead your team to win

Coach your employees about ‘selling’ at your next staff meeting. Don’t train once and walk away, follow up every month, support them to success, and be their coach. Talk with your team members about how each attempt went, what words they used, when it worked, and when it didn’t. It’s too easy to throw them a tool and not help them use it to win – you win, they win, and the clients win.

Spread the Afterpay joy to your clients

Get listed in the Afterpay registry. Let potential clients know you offer Afterpay as a payment option. Afterpay will share the registry link with you after you’ve signed up and been approved. Clients will be able to find you in the registry when looking for places they’re able to use Afterpay with.

Tell your clients online

Let your clients know before they come for their next appointment. Leverage your email marketing list, Instagram, and Facebook channels. Feel free to repost our content and overwrite it with your own message – for example, on Instagram, regram our Afterpay stories with an overlay. We’ve gotten great feedback from salon customers about this already. Make it interactive – ask them if they’ll be booking in with Afterpay. Feel free to use this quote in your social media posts: “Enjoy Now, pay later. Afterpay is available here!”.

At Timely we’ll be adding an Afterpay icon to your online booking process – this will notify clients who book online that you offer Afterpay in store (coming soon!).

Paint your store, Afterpay

For your in-store positioning and promotion, make your Afterpay window decal and front counter cards visible (if you haven’t already received these, they’ll arrive soon after being accepted to use Afterpay). Stick the Afterpay sign on your window or mirror, and display the card on the counter so every client sees them.

Most importantly, tell everyone!

Talk it up and have a conversation with each client, just like we explained above.

Also, talk to us! We’d love to know how Afterpay is changing the payment game in your salon. Comment below to let us know!!


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