Effective salon management makes your staff more productive and makes your salon business a nicer, more harmonious place to work. Discover five top tips from Timely ambassador Abigail James on how to manage staff well and boost your salon’s success. 

Communicate clearly

Successful salon management starts with clear communication. Model the behaviour you expect from your salon staff.  

“Salon owners should keep everyone on the same page with regular team meetings.  Chat through daily operations, client preferences, upcoming appointments, and any changes to salon procedures,” says Abigail.   

When your salon staff are busy or on different rotas, it might be hard to get everyone together to tell them about a new change, so in-between meetings, use specialised salon management software to communicate. 

With Timely, automated appointment messages keep your staff informed of any cancellations, so you know there’s no miscommunication. 

“Set regular one-on-one discussions. Give you and your staff space to talk through any feedback. Set targets together for returning clients, service types or product sales.”  

Timely helps you track staff progress on a daily basis. And you can even include targets on their payslip to help keep focus.   


Smart staff schedules

It’s important to find a good balance between the needs of your clients and the needs of your staff members. They’ll be working hard during those peak hours, so make sure they get a proper break in the quieter times. 

“Rotating shifts is a great way to guarantee a healthy work-life balance,” says Abigail. “And salon software makes this a lot easier to manage – and it keeps your team in the loop.”  

One Timely salon manager gives her staff four day work weeks, and a Saturday off every month, so staff don’t get burnt out.  

Happy staff means happy clients and that’s good for everyone.  


Set expectations  

Clear roles will ensure all staff members understand what’s required of them.   

“Define roles for stylists and support staff, including everything from client interaction standards to workstation cleanliness,” says Abigail.  

During the hiring process and staff meetings, set out a clear list of tasks associated with each role. Work with your salon employees to understand the processes that affect their roles and set out the tasks together.  Use your daily, weekly or monthly staff meetings to reiterate expectations and business processes so everyone knows where they stand. 

“When your staff feel valued, they’re more likely to commit to your ideas and even exceed them.”

“When your staff feel valued, they’re more likely to commit to your ideas and even exceed them,” says Abigail. “When everyone knows their responsibilities, it creates a consistent and welcoming environment for your staff and clients.”  


Training and mentoring

A good salon manager knows that investing in the personal growth of your team pays off for your staff and your business.   

“Training and development is essential for staying competitive,” says Abigail. “Regular workshops and sessions keep your team up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques.”  

Find opportunities for staff to attend workshops, conferences, or certification programs. Not only will this boost staff confidence, it also shows that you’re backing their career. This will help build a great salon culture, where staff know they’re supported and recognised.    


Creating a team   

When people feel part of a team, they’ll work more collaboratively and thoughtfully. Good employee management is about building that into your day-to-day operations, and not just making it a tick box exercise. 

“Celebrate milestones and achievements. Bringing the good vibes will bring your team together in no time.” 

“Build strong team dynamics through team-building exercises that match your salon’s vibe,” says Abigail. “Celebrate milestones and achievements. Bringing the good vibes will bring your team together in no time.”  

Give these salon management strategies a go. You’ll improve the performance of your team and make it a happier salon for your clients, so they keep coming back.