COVID-19 has made it harder to get our hands on our favourite brands and products, and we’ve all had to try new things. With this new consumer mindset putting our brand loyalty to the test, business owners need to work harder than ever to keep clients loyal and increase client retention. Luckily, we’ve got the answer with Timely Rewards!

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Let Timely Rewards do the hard work for you

‘Timely Rewards’ is a low effort, easy-to-use rewards program designed to surprise and delight your clients and increase client retention. It’s a simple points-based system that tracks your clients’ transactions and converts them into points. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every time a client spends money, they’ll accumulate points (the rewards formula is up to you).
  2. Once your client has accumulated enough points, they get a voucher to use at your business.

Tip: Now you can select which products and services earn your clients rewards, so you can excude any that aren’t as profitable (Innovate package feature).

Help guide: Get started with Rewards

Timely Rewards is available on the Elevate and Innovate packages. Try it for free today.

If you’re new to Rewards, you’ll be a pro in no time

Whether you’ve used a rewards system before or it’s completely new to your business, we’ve got you covered with our easy-to-use rewards calculator, which we created with the help of industry experts. The Rewards calculator shows you how much your clients’ average spend is and asks you how much you’d like to give back to your clients and how often. Once you’ve worked out your rewards formula, click ‘save’ and you’re good to go.

Set it up in Timely: Get Timely Rewards set up now

Already a Rewards pro?

Nice work! If you’ve got a successful system working for you and you just want to move it into Timely, all you need to do is work out what percentage you’re giving back to your clients in rewards, and type your own formula into the rewards setting page. Once you’ve entered your formula, click ‘save’ and you’re on the way to happier clients!

Help guide: Moving from an existing rewards system

Rewards tips from industry experts

The third visit is make-or-break for retaining a new client

Yep, we did the research! When a person is testing out a business, they tend to try it out a few times before they make the decision to become a loyal client. If the client has seen consistency over the first 2-3 visits, they’re more likely to become a loyal customer. What better way to show clients you’re the one than with a rewards program that starts rewarding them on their third visit? Timely’s Rewards feature incentivises your newest clients to book more appointments with you and then surprises them with a gift at a crucial time in the client relationship.

Help guide: How to adjust Rewards points and vouchers

Great businesses don’t do discounts, they do upgrades

Giving a client $20 off a service could make the client believe the discounted price is what the service is really worth. To avoid that, we recommend you use your client’s Rewards points on upgrading the appointments they have with you, which is a great way to introduce the client to other services you offer and even retail products you’d like them to try. 

Help guide: How to apply a rewards voucher on a sale

You control how visible your Rewards system is

You can choose to make your Timely Rewards client facing, so their rewards balance will show on their receipt, or you can keep their rewards balance as a secret that only you know, giving you the ability to ‘randomly’ surprise them! How you reward your clients and how visible your rewards program is, is completely individual to each business. You might want to keep it quiet at first to see how much it’s costing your business, and either edit it if you’d like to be more generous or if you need to pull back a bit. Once you’re sure it’s working for you, then you can start shouting about it!

Set it up in Timely: Get started with Rewards today

Timely Rewards is available on the Innovate package. Try it for free today.

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