Hey Timely family! 👋🏼 We have some amazing things planned to help make the experience of running your busy salon or spa even easier, so buckle in and let me give you a sneak peek!

Here’s What’s Coming to Timely in the New Year!

Keeping you in the loop

First off, in 2018 we want to share a lot more with you about the upcoming features we will be designing and building to improve the Timely experience.  Starting with this post, we will begin posting quarterly updates to let our community know what we’re planning to release in the next three months and how it will help your business thrive. 

We have a bunch of exciting and powerful new additions coming to Timely next year, and  I can’t wait to let you know about them!

In addition to more regular updates on what’s coming to Timely, we also want to get the Timely community more involved and providing feedback earlier on the features currently being built. We love chatting with our customers and we really value the feedback we receive from you. The more our customers are involved in the process of building the features, the better they turn out!

We will have more to announce around this in the new year, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in taking a sneak peek at some of our next big releases, then pop a comment below and we’ll let you in on a few secrets! 

What’s coming up first in 2018?

Payment terminal integrations for our iPad/iPhone app

Starting in New Zealand and Australia, our app for iPad and iPhone will be able to work with selected in-store payment terminals that use Tyro (AU) and Smartpay (NZ). By getting our app to talk to the technology directly, the potential for human error is greatly reduced. Your payment totals in Timely will always match the totals shown on the terminal and what’s charged to your customers. Even better, you’ll be able to provide an even quicker and more professional checkout experience for your clients!  

If you are currently a Tyro (AU) or Smartpay (NZ) customer, please get in touch to get early access to this great new feature. If you’re not yet using the Timely app for iPad at your front counter, grab it from the App Store and give it a try! We think it is the most beautiful front counter experience out there.

Improved customer search

Making sure Timely is as snappy as possible is always a big priority for our tech team, so in January we’re making some improvements to make searching for customers both faster and more accurate. In particular, you should find searching for customers by their telephone numbers greatly improved — wahoo!

Expect more performance improvements to continue to be rolled out during the year too.

End of day cash up

Tired of the manual and (let’s face it – boring!) process of balancing your till at the end of the day? We have great news for you!

Early next year you’ll be able to balance and report on your expected versus actual totals at the end of each day with a hassle-free process in Timely. The Timely cash up feature will allow you to have much greater visibility over your daily incomings and outgoings, including tracking your float and petty cash withdrawals.

The robust and easy to use new process will make catching staff errors and discrepancies much easier, and will also take a load off at the end of a busy working day by taking charge of the calculations — no more manual counting! 


Continuing in the theme of giving you more visibility and control over the money coming in and out of your business, we will also be releasing our new refunds feature into the wild.

We know processing and tracking refunds can be tricky business, so we’ll be taking the hassle out of issuing refunds with a robust and easy process. Your accountant will be over the moon — no more missing money from balances, and no more needing to delete sales!

What about after that?

Once we have these exciting improvements rolled out, we’ll have a bunch of further improvements to come. The first cab off the rank will be client attachments, where you’ll be able to upload attachments to your client records in Timely. We know our Timely customers are going to make great use of this feature by storing things like before and after photos, or client intake and consent forms. We can’t wait to get this into your hands!

Also coming will be the ability to distinguish between retail and professional stock within Timely, the first of many planned improvements to make your life easier when managing the retail and stock side of your business.

What else can you expect from Timely in 2018?

At Timely our goal is to be the best, most hassle-free solution for managing your business. We constantly strive to provide the most advanced scheduling, point of sale, and business reporting software available. To make sure we’re up to the task of delivering on this goal, we’ll be investing heavily in our product and development teams during 2018 to make the improvements come even faster! We are hiring talented engineers and designers as fast as we can find them, so if you know any send them our way.

Along with great new features and improvements to the Timely product you can, of course, expect the same world-class customer support, a myriad of smaller tweaks and enhancements, and a whole company of people committed to helping you and your businesses succeed.

See you next year!