“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Growing with Integrity

This month Timely passed two very important anniversaries; we turned 10 years old, and we marked 12 months since we became part of  Evercommerce – a company that’s bringing together best-in-class commerce solutions across all sorts of service industries. It’s been a time that’s encouraged us to look back at where we’ve come from, but importantly, to plan ahead to where we want to go.

Looking back at 10 years of growth, it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing that’s made Timely what it is, but the guiding principle that’s informed every decision we make is that you – our customers – are our sun. Everything we do is about making our customers’ lives better, they’re our reason, they’re the centre of our universe. It’s as Maya Angelou says, people will remember how you made them feel, and that’s what we’re committing to as we take these next steps forward.

A few customers have reached out in the past year to ask what it means to be acquired by another business; does this mean that Timely will disappear or that we’ll change how we’ll do business? The answer to those questions is simple – no, it won’t. Evercommerce loves Timely’s community and is eager to support us on our current path. In fact, it’s part of the reason they purchased us. That said, we’ve gone from being the ‘little guy’ to the ‘big guy’ lightning fast and we need to be really intentional about what we focus on.

With the backing of Evercommerce, we can keep investing in making our product better and easier to use, and continue to grow our team so there are more of us to support you. While at the same time, we’ll stay true to our commitment to engage with our community, with integrity.

A little known fact is that Timely is 100% informed by the feedback of our users, and we’ll keep it that way. We’ll continually update the older parts of our software and add new features, all prioritised based on customers’ needs and wants – as fast as we can build them! We’ll keep fostering connections between our customers, sharing knowledge from industry experts, and carefully communicating news and updates with our users. You can count on us to be honest and upfront, even in those rare instances when the news isn’t all good.

We’re also going to keep making space at the table for diverse opinions and perspectives. This year’s industry leading pronouns feature was a great start, and as we grow we’re going to continue to push ourselves to be more inclusive in our work, and lead the way in diversity both in tech and in beauty. We know that when everyone feels included, we all do better because of it.

We never want to lose sight of our roots as a small business, nor forget the small businesses and solo operators who are the reason we exist. We’re committed to ensuring our product makes your lives easier. I want to thank you for being a part of our story so far, we’re so excited for what the next 10 years will bring.