Timely was built to help small business owners simplify administrative tasks, and make their lives easier. Four years on, we are proud to introduce our new iOS app, which takes simplifying business tasks mobile!

So what does our new iOS app mean for our customers?

Going mobile with Timely iOS app

Timely and iOS means more flexibility

Timely is now even more simple, and helpful, with the launch of our new fully native iOS app.

Many businesses worldwide are embracing mobile devices as tools to help simplify how they do business. Smartphones and tablets give them freedom and flexibility, allowing work to be done from any location, or on the go!

Apple and iOS lead the way when it comes to offering mobile solutions to the business community. We’re really excited to be working alongside Apple to deliver our world-class software to small businesses. Our priority has always been taking those time-consuming administrative tasks off your hands, and working with Apple allows us to do that even better.

Timely syncs with other cloud apps, such as Vend, Xero or Mailchimp – meaning that your business solutions will work seamlessly with one another.

Xero, Mailchimp and Timely provide a total accounting, email marketing and appointment scheduling solution to small business customers online, at any time, and from whichever device you have with you. Combined, they create a total business solution.

Timely as an Apple mobility partner

As a mobility partner, we’ve been working closely with Apple to develop our capabilities in iOS and help to transform how businesses operate, and better yet, succeed. Alongside Apple, we can deliver an even more seamless and beautiful experience for our customers around the globe.

So how will the Timely iOS app help your business?

iPad and iPhone bring flexibility and freedom to everyday business tasks.

You can now access your business details easily, simply and with whichever device you have at your fingertips – making business easier for you.

With cloud technology, you have the ability to engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, 24/7 – if you are that way inclined!

What’s different for our Timely customers?

This version of our new iOS app includes:

  • A fully redesigned calendar and appointment flow, which is more responsive,
  • a customer section, which allows you to keep important client notes,
  • and a messages section, to keep communication more simple and accessible.

As time goes on, new features will be added to our app. Our tech team are constantly working on wicked features that will transform and streamline how you do business. Future versions of the iOS app will send messages and bookings notifications straight to your mobile.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback already from our customers, and we’re excited to continue improving our app to make business easier for you.

“The new app is absolutely amazing – it’s so much easier to use and is so great being able to see the calendar like that, and book appointments via the app. Thanks so much!”

To see what we’re working on, check out our iOS updates page.