Welcome back to our series on getting the most out of your online presence.

Setting up online bookings for your business is easy

First up – let’s make sure we have the basics in place. This is elementary stuff, Watson, but too many businesses either skip past these bits to hit the fun part, or simply do not consider the online world at all. It’s important to start with a solid foundation so stick with me – this won’t take long.

Let’s start with the basics – and I do mean the basics

First step, make sure you’re promoting your website’s URL (that’s your website address, e.g. www.yourcompany.com) wherever you can. Put it in your email signature, on your business cards, on any posters or other promotional material you use…make sure your site is listed wherever your customers might look for it or notice it. Think of your URL as your business address on the Internet (because that’s exactly what it is) – if you want people to find you start by telling them your address.

Here are a couple of real-world scenarios:

  1. I’m getting a haircut next week and I walk past your salon. If I see a website address somewhere I might pull out my smartphone and look it up as I’m walking along. Oh hey, I can even book online – done deal! If you’re already using Timely drop us a line – we’d be happy to send you through a poster (just like that flash one up at the top of the page there) that shows anyone visiting you they can book their next appointment online.
  2. You send me an email with a signature that has your business name and contact numbers. That’s a good start, but if I want to find out a bit more about you a phone number won’t help me. I could Google your business name, but…ugh, it’s all getting too hard. If you add your website in there…hey, look, a link – let’s click it!

Time is a currency – your customers want information at hand as quickly as possible, and it’s your job to give it to them.

If you already use Timely to offer online bookings then these basics are doubly important. New business aside, you will save time and money by directing your existing customers to book online, with zero admin contact.

Don’t have a website? No problem. If you have a Timely account then there’s a free mini website to get started. Take a look under Promote > Mini website, and drop us a line if you need a hand setting it up. You’ll also find an easy-to-add Book Now button for your Facebook page in there – two clicks of your mouse to add it, and you’ll be taking online bookings from your Facebook page.

Ok, let’s get these basics locked in. I’ll let you pop away and make sure you have all of the above sorted, and then we’ll meet up for the next post (finding and learning about your customers online) in a few days time!