It’s refreshing to see the upturn within our fabulous industry of late. With more people embracing sunnier days, and less restrictions, businesses are getting back into the swing of things as they continue to treat their clients to an array of sparkly services. But there has been a little resistance – and we have most certainly seen some businesses struggling to attract their usual clientele back through the door.

Hollie Power; Co-founder of Salonology, and Timely Live host, discusses ways to get clients back into the salon. Watch now to learn more!     

So many of us can become consumed by the eternal search for new customers, but so often, we overlook a ready and waiting pool of keen and ‘ready to book’ clients that sit right beneath our noses.

Our current and previous client database

These array of people are our easy wins – mainly because they; 

  • Have visited us before
  • Spent money with us before
  • Know our culture and values
  • Like what we do
  • Want / need our services

These clients are our ‘lowest hanging fruit’ and it’s considerably easier to get these clients back through the doors than trying to convince a brand new person to try us out.

I was once taught that your database is by far the most valuable asset in your business, and that applies more than ever right now.

So, let’s tap into those current and previous clients, and get them back through your doors and putting money in your tills!

Rebooking every single time 

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But are you asking the question every single time? Are your staff? 

The difference between the client having an appointment with you, and not having an appointment with you is simple. It’s a booking. If you don’t ask, you probably won’t get it. 

It’s good customer service and it works.

Ask them to come back 

Such a clearly obvious one again. And yet, I cannot tell you how often a salon owner will say to me ‘Hollie, my clients aren’t coming back’ and when I ask them if they’ve actually invited their clients back, they tell me ‘no’.

Your average client has 1,000,001 things on their mind. Work, family, dinner, traffic. Without wishing to offend, your business is probably not that high on the list. This means it’s OUR job, as business owners, to pop ourselves back on that list to help them out a bit. 

So how do we do that?

We invite them back

It’s simple. Utilising your booking technology is the first port of call here – because within that pocket of software, you’ll have simple and easy access to your entire database. So, start communicating with them.

Failing that, pick up the phone! Check in with your clients, see if you can help them with anything and ask if they may be ready to book an appointment. 

Be in their world 

If I have ever created a true mantra, it’s this. Bonds build businesses.

I once calculated that the average client (based on spending an hour per month in a salon) only spends 0.0013% of their time with you. That’s not a lot of time.

So how do we connect and be in their world the other 99.99% of time?

Social Media

This is where we build relationships and remind them that we are there. Whatever your platform of choice, utilise its full capabilities.

We are in an extremely privileged position where we have access to tons of incredibly effective platforms, generally for free! Use the multiple functions available to you to showcase your business, what’s new, what you’re up to, your world, your life and remember to connect with your audience to continually build bonds.

Doing this will ensure that when they need to book, you’re right at the top of the list.

Incentivise them 

Sometimes we need to dangle a carrot. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just try to avoid that carrot being a discount. Even 10% off your prices is a slash straight off your profit – plus, it’s just not enough usually to get people excited.

However, incentives come in all shapes and forms. And when you put together an interesting one, it not only gives them a reason to come along, but it also gives you a reason to communicate about it.

Great incentives for your clients may be; 

  • Exclusive treatments or packages
  • A special client returning offer
  • An invite to a VIP open day or evening
  • An included upgrade
  • A limited edition experience
  • A sneak peek into a new menu or offering

Anything really that is uniquely available to them. Everyone wants to feel special, so make your clients feel that extra sparkle.

Create something different 

Part of my core teaching as a salon coach is to shake up your menu, rather than your client list.

It’s far easier to create interesting and different experiences for your current clients to enjoy, than to find new clients to enjoy your current treatments. Diversifying your menu with twists on your current services will create intrigue and excitement.

Most clients don’t come back time and time again for the same thing, forever. But when you show them something different, they often will. Add a ‘limited edition’ tag to the experience, and you’ve got a consistent recipe for returning clients.

Make booking easy 

It’s hard to convey the frustration when someone makes it hard for me to give them my business. Our local favourite restaurant offers no online bookings options, and favours a call system. To a landline. Which they rarely answer.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the amazing cocktails, we’d swiftly find a new haunt. They make it hard. Eye rolling hard.

With software in place, bookings will be easy for your clients. Do not over complicate the process, do not overwhelm your clients with lots of options and decisions to make. Confused clients do not buy.

But, by having simple systems in place, you can encourage bookings 24 hours in a day, in a way which allows your clients to reserve those spaces at their convenience, without you fielding all the calls.