It’s time to get set up before things ramp up. Christmas is our time to help you shine. All Timely’s awesome features come into their own during the silly season to make sure you’re getting maximum profit with minimum effort and headaches.

Get set for the silly season with Timely

Timely can help you kick costly last minute cancellations to the kerb. Get clients off your waitlist and in through the doors. And even make sure you never run out of vital stock again. So pull on your party pants, grab a glass and let’s show the silly season who’s boss this year.


Say goodbye to gaps in your bookings

There’s nothing more satisfying than a full appointment book in the run up to the holidays. But with online booking, and clients choosing their own slots, it can occasionally leave you with awkward gaps in your calendar. And nobody wants that in the silly season!

Choose the ‘Minimise gaps’ feature in online booking and your clients will only see available time slots that fill up your calendar without those costly gaps.

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Businesses that enable Timely's Minimise Gaps feature are 48% busier

With Timely you have the option to minimise gaps by choosing how much availability you want your clients to see. These settings guide your clients to choose appointments that work better for your business.


No time for time wasters

There’s nothing like no shows and cancellations to put a damper on the holiday spirit. Not to mention your cashflow and profit. Using TimelyPay, you can collect deposits when clients book online, which helps to reduce no shows and protect your income.

It can seem daunting to ask your clients for a deposit. But many of our customers tell us that they sell the idea of deposits to their clients as a benefit. It’s a way of spreading the cost of their treatment – paying a percentage when they book and the balance at their appointment. 

Set up TimelyPay

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Timely can reduce no shows by 55% by adding the deposit feature to TimelyPay

Using deposits or cancellation fees with TimelyPay, you can weed out flaky no-shows and build a loyal, reliable client base. Plus, you’ll protect your income and set yourself up for success.


Give your business the gift of Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a brilliant way to make the festive season even more profitable for your business. With TimelyPay you can start selling Gift Vouchers online. Once you’re set up, the system runs itself and clients can purchase Gift Vouchers 24/7 so you’ll be making money in your sleep!

Like everything in Timely, you’ve complete control over the details. Create a dollar or pound amount voucher or for specific services such as an eyebrow tint or cut and colour. Remember to let all your customers know you’re selling Gift Vouchers, and how easy it is for them to purchase.

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Businesses sell an average of $4000 in Gift Vouchers a year in online sales on top of in store purchases

To sell gift vouchers online, you need a way to take payments online. If you don’t yet have an online payment solution, you can set up TimelyPay in only a few minutes!


Who’s making a (wait)list and checking it twice?

In the run up to Christmas, you’ve probably got a whole load of clients wishing they’d booked earlier. Trying to find them an available slot and all the admin that causes is chaotic and time consuming. So let us do the hard work.

Timely’s waitlist feature helps you manage these clients and makes sure that as soon as space opens up on your calendar, you can fill it. Making your client’s day – and yours. Find out how to use this handy feature to maximise your revenue and keep your clients happy well before the holiday rush.

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Timely customers who use the Waitlist feature have 20% more full calendars

Having a waiting list is a great way to fill up the calendar if those last-minute changes do occur.


‘Tis the season for Christmas Casuals

In the busy festive period you may well need an extra pair of hands. Or two, or three! Now’s a good time to be thinking about how many additional casual staff you’re likely to need over the silly season and put a plan in place.

Christmas casual staff means more hands on deck, which often results in a better customer experience, tidier salons and more sales. Casual staff are often experienced in retail and flexible in the hours they can do, so they’re perfect for covering shifts and late nights. Get thinking about it now before all the good ones are gone!


Is your holiday roster sorted?

Your clients have probably already started booking for December and even January, so it’s time to get your roster sorted. We all know it’s going to be busy, so make sure you allow for late nights, early starts, extra shifts and additional staff.

We’ve a helpful video that shows you how to use Timely to adjust your roster and make changes to staff’s hours quickly and easily.

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Timely Roster display screen shows how clean and tidy a roster can be


Order plenty of stock in plenty of time

Products can fly off the shelves in the holidays. Whether it’s a client treating themselves or picking up last minute gifts and stocking fillers, you need to make sure your shelves are groaning. This is not the time to be running out of stock!

So take some time now to check what your business can’t live without, and stock up on it pronto. If you haven’t already, download the Timely Stock iOS app to manage your products like a pro and see stock levels at a glance.

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Timely Stock App makes it easy to manage stock levels

Take the headache out of professional and retail stock management. Access your inventory from your phone to easily look up stock info and make quick on-the-go adjustments.


Think activations, not promotions

If the silly season is your busiest time and your appointment book is bursting with clients (not to mention your waitlist) then you don’t necessarily need to do discounts.

Instead of offering money off, think of ways to make more money – while you’ve got the clients just desperate to get through your doors. Activations can include things like ‘Spend $x and get y’. You’re aiming to increase client spend by offering them something they haven’t already got or bought.