Spread the word about Timely, and you'll get rewarded.

Get rewarded for talking about Timely


We love seeing our customers talk about Timely, be it on social media or face to face with other business owners. So now, we’ve made it easier for us to share the love with you.

When people you know sign up to Timely, all they’ll need to do is enter your name during our registration process, and you’ll get a month’s worth of Timely for free on your account.

This little change means that the more you talk about Timely, the more you get rewarded.

For example, you could be:

  • Sharing one of our posts on Facebook
  • Retweeting our tweets
  • Talking about Timely to people you know
  • Writing a blog post about Timely
  • Mentioning Timely in passing while eating a chocolate sundae with a friend

and you’d get a free month on your account if anyone signed up to Timely after hearing about it from you.

Previously, the only way to be recognised for referring others was to send a special referral link to your friends that they would use to sign up. This link would tell us that you referred someone and we’d add a free month’s worth to Timely.

This method still works, so if you know someone who would benefit from affordable smart booking software, feel free to shoot them an invite to check it out.

Happy sharing!