We put our heads together at Timely and are pleased to now be able to offer a free mini-website with every plan!

Depending which study you read, as many as 70% of small businesses don’t have a website. Timely is an appointment system perfectly suited to small businesses like beauty therapists, chiropractors, hair salons, tutors, physiotherapists and the list goes on. You guys are our customers and we think everyone should have a website – and it shouldn’t cost… well… anything!

We put our heads together at Timely and are pleased to now be able to offer free online booking websites with every plan! With Timely plans starting at just $19/month – that’s a webtastic deal.

Check out the Doe Day Spa example website here.

What’s a mini-website?
In your Timely account you enter in a bunch of the normal information that you would display on a website already – your opening hours, staff details, list of services and contact details. We’ve added a way for you to select a cover image and few more bits and pieces – and Timely will generate a small website for you instantly!

timely mini website
This means our small business customers can kill two birds with one stone – by getting an awesome appointment system to run their business AND a beautiful website to showcase their services.

But what about customers using those new fan-dangled smarty phones?
Don’t worry – the site looks beautiful on their little shiny screens too!



How do I create my mini-website?
Head over to the Promote tab and fill out each of the sections. It should only take a few minutes.


Can I change the colors of the pages?
Not right now, but down the track we’ll add a way for you to select a few colours to customize the website further.

Can I have my own web address?
We provide a free web address – something like http://doedayspa.gettimely.com as part of the mini-websites package. However, if you would prefer your own domain name (e.g. www.doedayspa.com) then contact us and we’ll help you get this setup.

What else are you adding to the websites in future?
We’re working on two very cool features for the mini websites:

  1. The ability to link to your Facebook and Twitter pages; and
  2. Displaying customer reviews

What if I want a bigger website with more pages and pictures of kittens?
That’s cool! But we can’t help you out with the mini-websites I’m afraid. If you need a more comprehensive website – we’re working with web design companies and we will publish a list of “Timely approved” providers shortly. Any web design firms that want to participate in this, please contact us.