For most businesses, the service you provide to your customers doesn’t stop when they step out the door.

Delight your customers with follow-up messages

When you delight your customers with your service, they’ll spread the word about your business, generating the potential for new clients.

Upgrade your Salon Software today with Timely

Timely follow-up messages make it simple to reach out to your clients after their appointments. The opportunities are endless! Let’s dive into some ways you can use this new feature.

Follow-up with aftercare instructions

If you’re offering services like IPL, dental work or body art, you might need to follow up an appointment with some important information. This could be aftercare instructions, post-treatment advice or some tips on how to maintain their new tattoo.

Follow up text message in Timely

It’s easy to set up an automatic message in Timely to follow up with your clients. You can customise your rule to be sent a specific amount of time after an appointment. You can also create a message for specific services, appointment status, or even for ‘New’ clients only.

Ask your clients for a review

Reviews are an excellent way to generate awareness of your business online, and should be an important part of your marketing strategy. We understand that it can be tricky to ask your customers for a review. With our new follow-up messages, you can set up an automated message to your clients to ask them to review your business on your chosen platform.

We’ve included an easy call-to-action button in the message, which you can link to the review site of your choice (for example Facebook, Google or Yelp). It couldn’t be simpler!

Messages are setup to send after an appointment (you can specify the timeframe), choose which services the message will send for, send only for ‘Completed’ appointments or send it only to first-time clients. Pretty cool huh!?

If your clients are more likely to check their smartphones than their emails, you can also send a follow-up message as an SMS requesting a review. Simply include a link in your SMS template to your review site of choice in the SMS. Too easy!

Up your game with rebooking reminders

If you’re loving how follow-up messages are working for your business, why not give rebooking reminders a go?

Rebooking reminder in Timely

Our rebooking reminders allow you to send a message to your customers when they haven’t been in for a while. Create a rule for specific services, or a general rebooking reminder. Reminding your clients to rebook is an excellent way to improve your client retention. Check out the blog post for more information on rebooking reminders.

We’d love to hear your ideas on how to use these new messages! Let us know how you’ll be using follow-up messages to delight your customers in the comments below.