The way we work at Timely has its perks. And today, one of those perks meant meeting the mayor of Dunedin.

A robing celebration with the Mayor

Most of you will know by now that we work remotely, since we talk about it pretty often. We even have a whole Twitter account and hashtag dedicated to showcasing it! We talk about it all the time because working remotely is a big part of what make us jump out of bed every day. (That and the fact that we’re saving time for thousands of business owners around the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that!)

There are misconceptions around what it means to work remotely. It’s really like any job, with deadlines and lunch hours, but we don’t have different versions of ourselves that we put on and take off every day as we switch between work and home contexts. What you see is what you get, all day ‘erry day.

Working remotely also affords us flexibilities that we wouldn’t otherwise have if we were working out of four walls in a tall building somewhere, like being more involved with family and friends.

Accompanying this culture are some great traditions that celebrate our remote lifestyle. For example, we occasionally have company outings where we get together in style to put away the screens, neck a few beers, and talk everything but shop.


Another tradition we have is, on our one year anniversary at Timely, we are presented with a plush Timely robe which we can wear on cold winter mornings as we build awesome software out of our homes. It’s a rich deep black, velvety to the touch, and has Timely’s insignia emblazoned boldly beside the left lapel. It symbolises one year of creating greatness, from the comfort of your own home.

Well it just so happened that, since we’ve grown so much in the last year, three of the team had their one year anniversaries this month. To help us celebrate, Dave Cull, mayor of Dunedin and a verbal proponent of Dunedin’s economic development, generously agreed to present Dave Strydom, Rueben Skipper, and Keegan Shore with their Timely robes.

Dave talked about how the future of the economy is in the hands of companies like Timely, who are developing and promoting software locally that can be used by thousands of people globally. The startup scene in this part of New Zealand is growing quickly, and we’re proud to be a major part of that growth.

After taking a few selfies with the Mayor, we grabbed a quick coffee, before heading back to our homes to reply to your emails and tell more people about Timely.

We would like to thank Mayor Dave Cull for taking time out of his busy schedule to robe these three fine Timely gentlemen. Please join us in congratulating Dave, Rueben, and Keegan for their continued efforts at Timely! The booking software machine wouldn’t run like it does without them.