It's always super sad to say goodbye to valued team members and it was extremely bittersweet to wave goodbye to Grace Phillips as she jetted away to start her new life in DC. But there's always a silver lining! And for us that means that we got to snaffle up this wonderful human being and add him to our team as our new Content Manager.

Welcome to the crew, Drew!

Andrew Wassenaar is a seasoned writer and holds an English + Film/TV/Media degree from the University of Auckland. Multimedia content is definitely where it’s at! We couldn’t be more excited to add this new layer of dimension to our already kick-ass team here in Marketing.

“I’m really stoked to have the opportunity to work for Timely. It’s a great brand and an awesome product. I mentioned it to a guy at the gym a few days ago and he’s already raving about it. That makes me really proud to be joining the team.”

Andrew likes bush walks, video games, and playing poker in his spare time, with a penchant for good beer augmenting all three hobbies. The fact that Alien (1979) is one of his all time favourite films puts him in good stead to discuss the finer points of 20th century filmmaking with his many, many colleagues who share his interest in film.

We’re experts in (and fans of) all things digital. For us, good content means we can help to share your inspiring stories, gather tips on how to run your business, and also help you to have fun and enjoy your day. We’re super excited to have Drew on board in our mission to inspire, educate and entertain you!