As we move further and further into the year, it’s clear that the collective focus for the hair industry in 2020 is to make a positive social impact. One impressive event is even aiming to bring the entire industry together in an effort to make a real change to the lives of those who need it most. What are we talking about? The 2020 Global Cut-A-Thon, scheduled to take over the world on Sunday, March 29th.

Cutting for a cause

The Global What-A-Thon?

That’s right, the Global Cut-A-Thon! Run by Hair Aid, this worldwide event is a fundraiser where salons and individuals from across the globe come together with the shared intention of giving back. The concept is simple; participating hair professionals raise donations through haircuts throughout a 24 hour period. 

It’s that easy! By giving just one day of their services, all of those who participate in the fundraiser play a direct part in giving life-changing skills to people living in extreme poverty.

Selina Tomasich, Hair Aid’s Founder and CEO, spoke of the organisation’s plans for this year’s event, “All of the funds raised will be used to establish a permanent training centre in the Philippines so we can continue teaching underprivileged people the skills they need to cut hair so they can feed and educate their kids, break the cycle of abuse, or get themselves off the street,”

Selina Tomasich the Founder and CEO at Hair Aid

Breaking Records

Sound familiar? You might have heard of it before. “This is Hair Aid’s second time holding the Cut-A-Thon,” Selina told us, “And we’re thrilled to see so much interest in it again this year.” 

In 2019, Hair Aid held their very first Global Cut-A-Thon with the participation of more than 140 salons. While it may not be their first worldwide haircutting frenzy, they certainly hope it will be their largest. This year, the nonprofit organisation has set its eyes on breaking the World Record for the largest amount of money raised through haircutting. To achieve this, Hair Aid hopes to double the number of registrations that they received in 2019. Hundreds of hair stylists and salons from eight different countries have already shown their support and registered to participate in the 2020 event. To name just a few, Michaella Blissett William’s Salon 718 in New York City, Halcyon Salon & Spa in Las Vegas and Hair Do We Do in Cleveland, Australia will all be taking part in the Cut-A-Thon this year.

Hair Aid cutting day takes the team into the evening

What is the current world record?

Great question! The number to beat is currently sitting at $76,569 USD. 

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Let’s break it down… If at least 300 teams register and receive donations from as little as $15 USD per haircut, they’d only have to do 17 haircuts per team to help Hair Aid smash its goal. 

Four people in your team? That’s fewer than 5 haircuts each! Even less if you charge the average rate of between USD $40 and $50 for a haircut and blowout. For just a few cuts, the impact could be tremendous.

The Hair Aid team help folks learn about taking care of themselves

What is Hair Aid?

Founded in 2010, Hair Aid is a Brisbane-based nonprofit that provides free haircutting training for people living in critical poverty in Southeast Asia. The charity is registered in both Australia and the USA and international training programs are currently active in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines. Thanks to Hair Aid and its incredible team of volunteer hairstylists, over 5,000 participants have been taught haircutting skills so far.

The impact of this training goes far beyond just a new hairdo. Hair Aid’s teams work directly with people in need to teach them a skill that can then be used to start a micro-business and create an income to support themselves and their families.

It only takes a little bit of training and a pair of scissors to change someone’s life, and Hair Aid is committed to providing a permanent centre in X where people can gain these skills. Selina Tomasich the Founder and CEO at Hair Aid

A friendly face from the Hair Aid event

How can you get involved?

Are you a salon owner or a hair professional? Perhaps you’re simply skilled with a pair of scissors and looking for a way to give back this year? No matter where you’re working from or what your story is, registering to participate in the Global Cut-A-Thon is an easy way to support an important cause and contribute to real change. What’s even better? Signing up is as simple as filling out an online form.

Once registered, you will receive a welcome pack personally sent to you by your local Hair Aid Ambassador. If you are in Australia, sign ups will have their envelope sent from Selina Tomasich. Award-winning stylists Niall McNutly organises the UK sign ups. In the USA, Tabatha Coffey personally addresses the envelopes and posts these.

I am honored to support Hair Aid and excited to participate in the Global Cut a Thon. It’s a wonderful way to support, give back and make a difference in so many people’s lives. Tabatha Coffey

Does registering for the Cut-A-Thon mean you need to be cutting hair for 24 hours straight? Of course not! As long as the cuts are given within the 24 hour period specified by Hair Aid, you can work for as little or long as you like. You set the price and you choose the hours. Make a difference on your terms.

At Timely, we are proud supporters of Hair Aid and the Global Cut-A-Thon. For more information, including where to register your participation, please visit