For new clients, this massage space comes with a warning. Expect to receive a hearty greeting from Murphy and Mason, Peter’s two English Cocker Spaniels. Introducing our latest Customer of the Week: Peter Grant Massage.

Customer of the Week: Peter Grant Massage

As someone who works from home, Peter not only enjoys the company of his show dogs during the day. They also led him to his second business as a Canine Emmett Therapist.

”My human clients LOVE the fact that I bring the dogs into the treatment room. My girl Murphy has a knack of knowing when people need her so she will go up to them for a pat, perhaps when I’m pressing on a sensitive spot.”

Peter started out training as a massage therapist on humans and while studying he would often take his table along to the dog shows on weekends. It wasn’t long before he was doing a roaring trade, and soon he was constantly being questioned about treating the dogs too. These days Peter has to leave the dog showing to his partner and instead he spends his time on the sidelines providing massages from his tent.

Whether he’s treating a person or a pooch Peter operates on the same philosophy and says the basis of his business is respect. While his human clients can verbalise their problems Peter has to dig a little deeper with his canine clients and use his sense of touch and his massage training to understand what is needed. He’s always had a ‘knack’ with dogs, so when they come for a treatment it’s about interacting with understanding and compassion.

As he works on dogs he explains what muscles he’s treating and how they would affect us if it was the human equivalent. In doing so he has found that he gets more understanding from the owner and subsequently they understand their dog a lot more.

This duality in Peter’s businesses is supported by the online functionality of Timely which lets him use a single booking site for both human and canine massage clients. His clients can (with no confusion) book the type of appointment they want, knowing that Peter will get the right information.

“My clients also LOVE the automatic reminder messages, and that they can easily make changes if they need.”

If they think of something in the middle of the night, they can jump on their smartphone and make the change. Peter simply wakes up the next morning to an email notification.

Peter finds his career hugely rewarding and is especially proud when he can make positive changes in his client’s lives. For him the biggest compliment is the referred business that keeps coming his way. This contributes to the sustainable success that fills Peter with the career satisfaction that he hoped to find when he first pursued massage therapy.