After years of working for others, Jen had developed a pretty clear idea of how she wanted to run her business, and it wasn’t with a rub and run mentality! Combining physiotherapy with pilates rehabilitation, Jen’s goal is to never have to see her clients again. 

Customer of the Week: Fix and Flex Pilates + Physiotherapy

It sounds contradictory, but the lack of return clients at Fix and Flex Physiotherapy and Pilates is a sign of success for Jen. Her passion is to help others, long-term. Through years of working as a physiotherapist, Jen often witnessed clients returning with recurring issues. Why? Because they weren’t being offered physical rehab.

Jen’s solution was to ‘Fix’ — combining physiotherapy with pilates rehabilitation so that her clients could be strong, mobile and pain-free, ditching their physiotherapist for good. 

The longer I worked as a physio, the more I discovered what aspects of the industry worked, and what areas could be done differently.

Despite Fix and Flex being largely in its infancy, the business is thriving. Jen puts this down to their unique approach.

After completing a thorough assessment, a personalised program is developed for the client by their physiotherapist. The assessment ensures that the program is unique to their client’s body, needs and goals. Through this, Jen and her team hope that clients can get back on their feet (or surfboard), and stay there.

At Fix and Flex, we develop individualised Pilates programs for each person, instead of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Jen’s business serves sports injury and recovery, but also those suffering from increasingly sedentary lifestyles. “Today, people are working longer hours and sitting more, and their bodies are suffering,” she says.

However, Jen also believes that people are becoming more health-conscious to mitigate unhealthy lifestyles. Her business is constantly growing, and she’s noticing that her clients are becoming increasingly proactive in looking after themselves.

Establishing her business has been a huge learning curve for Jen, but it’s a journey she’s really enjoyed.

There’s so much to learn behind the scenes, which you often don’t get to see working for other people.

Jen loves to learn and finds great satisfaction in helping people develop an awareness and deeper understanding of their bodies. Witnessing the many benefits of the combined Physiotherapy & Pilates principles to people’s lives is a reward on its own.

Customer of the Week: Fix and Flex Pilates + Physiotherapy

Timely has been a time-saving tool for Jen. Rather than spending time her spare time on admin, she’s able to focus further on education and professional development.

Timely has helped me be able to be more client-focused, rather than business-focused.

Since using Timely’s reminder system, the rate of late cancellations and no shows at Fix and Flex has been very low, meaning she hasn’t had to spend time chasing after client payments.

Jen’s client-focussed approach is so refreshing to see. Fix and Flex is truly leading the way in the realm of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.