The sun is shining on the last day of the week, you’re heading home from work, favourite song blasting on the radio, and your hair game is on point. There’s a name for a day like that. It’s a Dime Friday, and they’re our latest Customer of the Week.

Customer of the Week: Dime Friday

Sara and Mikayla want everyone who comes to their salon to feel happy and pampered. They take pride in putting in the effort to make every visitor feel welcome, creating an experience their clients look forward to. With perfectly complementary personalities, it’s become their mission to give their clients that ‘Dime Friday’ feeling, every day of the week.

A look at the layout of Dime Friday hair salon

Sara has been in hairdressing for 13 years, working with a bunch of industry leaders such as Ray Astwood, Jason Davies, Caterina Di Biase and most recently, Mana Dave and Kelly Latu at Blaze, Newmarket for 7.5 years.

“Hairdressing chose me. It runs in the family and I’ve never imagined doing anything else.”

Dime Friday opened on the 19th December 2016, and Sara attributes their success so far not just to their quality of services, but to the support of their local beach community in Mt Maunganui. Word of mouth has been a huge factor in bringing them business, and the ease of online booking on their website means clients can make appointments at their convenience.

“We provide a quality service that is easy and convenient for the client. Right from making the booking, through to the end of their service.”

It’s all about the client at Dime Friday. Sara and Mikayla want to give people the confidence they have been waiting for when it comes to trying something different with their hair. It fills them with joy to see a client look in the mirror and love their fresh new look.

Dime Friday with a loyal customer

For Sara, owning and running her own business means putting everything she has been taught by incredible people, into her own space. For the first 10 months she worked alone, tending to clients and picking up the phone whenever it rang.

“Timely freed me up to spend quality time on my clients in the salon, rather than leaving clients in the chair to answer the phone. That is so valuable to me.”

We’re super happy to be able to help all our customers run their businesses, and provide a better experience for their clients. Here’s hoping today is a ‘Dime Friday’ for you all!

Dime Friday uses Timely on their mobile tablet