Carla Lawson puts her name and reputation to everything she does, which is why customer service and quality never slips. Meet our latest Customer of the Week: Carla Lawson Hair Extensions.

Customer of the Week: Carla Lawson Hair Extensions

Carla became interested in hair extensions at 16. She always wished to have thick, luscious hair and became increasingly unhappy with the way her hair looked and felt.

On a hunt to gain more confidence, Carla found hair extensions and she’s never looked back.

Through her career, Carla has learnt from some of the best technicians in the UK and Europe and has gained an extensive client list — but although a skilled technician herself, she wasn’t entirely happy with the products at hand.

As the global demand for hair extensions increased, Carla became aware of all the industry flaws. Most people were wearing poor quality extensions made from synthetic fibres or animal hair.

The outcome was the hair tangled quickly and just didn’t last. Knowing this, took Carla on the mission to source and install only the best quality hair extensions from around the globe. And that is what she’s done.

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Now based in Melbourne, Carla invests multiple years of experience and technical precision into Australia. She’s on a mission to build a business based on the principles of quality, attention to detail and provide a service that is cost-effective and fair for her clients.

Customer satisfaction is what drives Carla to run her business and because of this, her reputation has grown organically.

“If you have a strong name and reputation word of mouth becomes the best form of advertising and with today’s social media generation your business can grow quickly.”

Carla Lawson is quickly becoming the go-to girl for hair extensions in Melbourne with clients such as ‘Neighbours’ cast members Emma Lane and Jenna Rosenow, Fashion designer and founder of Misha Collection, Michelle Aznavorian, Fashion and Beauty blogger Jessie Habermann and professional makeup artist Christina Sikalias to name a few.

Carla’s work helps clients to look and feel good. The confidence that Carla’s work can provide for her clients is her greatest reward. Clients include women with hair-loss issues due to hormonal or medical age-related issues, or for those just looking for a change. People choose to use hair extensions for multiple reasons but each person finds the same result: confidence.

Carla’s tips to success are simple.

“Aim to be the best at what you do, always look to learn new skills to stay at the forefront of your industry.”

We’re excited to watch your journey, Carla, and see you supply more Australian’s with long, gorgeous locks!