The Lip Lab has revolutionised the cosmetology industry, allowing consumers to maintain creativity and individuality in their purchasing decisions. Business partners Sarah Emmanuel and Jenna Gnoato loved the Lip Lab concept so much that they decided to open their own branch in Ballarat. Meet our latest Customer of the Week: The Lip Lab Ballarat.

Customer of the Week: The Lip Lab Ballarat

The Lip Lab is an Australian owned company that started in Sydney in 2015 specialising in creating your own lipstick from scratch with the assistance of a Lip Lab technician. You can choose, mix, and apply your own customised lippy.

Customers can choose everything from the base of the lipstick, the colour, adding frost to create a subtle shimmer, flavour/scent, added plumper, sunscreen or anti-ageing additives. Once you’re happy with your designer shade, they melt it and put it through their high-speed mixer to ensure super smooth consistency. It is then poured into a mould.

After five minutes of setting, you choose a name for your specialised lipstick and your preferred case.

Customer of the Week: The Lip Lab Ballarat

Sarah and Jenna had been following the concept in Sydney for some time, and when an opportunity reared its head to license the brand, they knew she had to jump on board.

With both Sarah and Jenna having experience in spas and salons, and with a huge passion for makeup artistry, it seemed only natural that they would pair up to begin this new venture.

The Lip Lab Ballarat is the perfect marriage of their skills and passions. It combines their love for makeup and the cosmetology industry into a business.

Whilst The Lip Lab concept isn’t unique to the Ballarat branch, the team have built in other services and projects to strengthen their business and brand.

They have introduced BYO (blend your own) custom foundations and concealers to the business too, so clients can have fun creating and mixing their perfect makeup blends. They have a makeup studio, three beauty rooms and a specialised tan room and pedicure lounge.

“Although The Lip Lab and makeup studio make up about 75% of our business services, we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket.”

The Lip Lab also offer a colour matching service where people can bring in their favourite discontinued lipstick and they can remake it for them.

Customer of the Week: The Lip Lab Ballarat

The team at The Lip Lab are trying to inject top quality customer service back into the cosmetology industry and they’re working one on one with each client to create a product that they love!

“So many people are wearing the wrong colour foundation. I find customer service in many retail stores to be non-existent, making shopping for cosmetics overwhelming for some.”

Customer of the Week: The Lip Lab Ballarat

She recalls how stressful it was finding the perfect shade for her wedding day.

“After two hours of searching in every cosmetic speciality store for my perfect wedding shade, I grabbed a random lipstick which my sister thought was nice and left dissatisfied. The level of service was non-existent.”

Sarah felt that nobody wanted to help her, and she wanted to challenge this. The Lip Lab Ballarat pride themselves on being the experts in all things makeup. They work hard to assist each and every client so that they leave satisfied and happy.

Candy-land for the lipstick lover, The Lip Lab Ballarat is attracting clients from all over Australia.

“We’ve had ladies travel from Gippsland, Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo to experience The Lip Lab experience.”