Pettina Stranghon knew that mental health wasn’t one-dimensional, and couldn’t be treated that way. Noosa Confidential opened in 2009 with the aim of offering a holistic approach to treatment. Their objective is to help people feel better and stay better, long term.

Customer of the Week: Noosa Confidential

After years in the rehabilitation industry, Pettina Stanghon had pinpointed the gaps. She knew that people suffering from mental illness needed to be better served.

Pettina was regularly referring clients to other health professionals to integrate physical therapy into their care — knowing that mental illness couldn’t be treated in isolation. Instead, one’s entire health needed to be considered and dealt with throughout the process.

Noosa Confidential was her solution — a programme which took into account a person’s backstory to better understand the contributing factors at play when treating illness.

To achieve this she brought together evidence-based traditional and alternative therapies and educated clients on healthier ways to eat, move, drink and think as well as looking at their home and work environments. The goal at Noosa Confidential is to teach clients how to change their lifestyle to suit their needs.

A passionate foodie, Pettina has also injected her love of nutrition into the programme. Pettina ensures all foods served to clients play a key role in their recovery by using nourishing local, seasonal and organic whole foods. At Noosa Confidential, good food is both medicinal and therapeutic.


Customer of the Week: Noosa Confidential

With both parents being business owners, entrepreneurship was in Pettina’s blood. After finding a way she could truly make a difference in people’s lives, the perfect business opportunity presented itself.

The team has expanded rapidly, with more than 30 handpicked professionals on the team including integrative doctors, naturopaths, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine therapists, osteopaths, yoga teachers, mindfulness experts, personal trainers and massage therapists. The staff work together to provide all-encompassing therapy and assist clients out of crisis and into wellness (in every facet of their lives).

We take a long-term view of success. We stay engaged and invested with clients, and re-engage with them at no extra cost in order to ensure they feel supported.

This support extends not only to clients but also to their staff, as nobody can pour from an empty cup. Pettina says, “my focus as a business owner is to invest in my staff and team leaders so that they are able to take care of our clients.”

Pettina has built a business and a community on the premise of helping others. We’re super proud to have such dedicated, caring and passionate people as Timely Customers.