Mikki Williden is a ‘real food’ Nutritionist. She encourages clients to eat real food and enjoy real health, instead of fad diets. Mikki’s method is to make nutrition simple again.

Customer of the Week: Mikki Williden

Business is soaring as a result of her approach, so it seems like it’s working!

Mikki was brought up eating well and exercising. Health and wellness was second nature for her. However, she came to realise that these skills weren’t as second nature for everyone else. She wanted her instinctive understanding of good food and good movement to be common knowledge.

Mikki has all the credentials – and then some. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Physical Education. She attained her Masters in Science (Human Nutrition) with First Class Honours in 2003, and in 2011 she completed her PhD on Health and Productivity in the New Zealand Workforce.

Despite the string of letters after her name, she doesn’t overcomplicate nutrition.

Beetroot chia pudding with lemon and mint. Recipe creation for May’s meal plan.

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Mikki has adopted a ‘real food’ approach to eating and living. She focuses on fresh, minimally-processed food that is both quick to prepare and tasty. She stresses, however, that her job is to look at more than just what’s on someone’s plate.

Nutrition has to be thought of in a holistic way. It’s more than just the food, it’s one’s lifestyle.

For Mikki, health and wellbeing is about eating whole foods, doing regular exercise, and teaching people to cope with the demands of everyday life. Her work takes into consideration sleeping patterns, levels of stress and different life stages. In other words, it take real life into account.

As an academic, Mikki is an avid researcher, which gives her business an edge.

My experience as a researcher and practitioner allows me to provide current and relevant information to clients.

Not only does Mikki see clients one-on-one, she also offers an online coaching system which provides people with a cost-effective way to learn more about living well.

Timely allows Mikki to spend more time tweaking her online coaching programme, planning menus and doing background research to better help clients. This extra time is especially helpful for those clients with difficult digestive requirements and health issues.

Gorgeous little

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Like most business owners, Mikki finds it challenging to stick to the standard 9-5 working day.

Being a business owner is so flexible, but it’s easy to overwork. I need to practice what I preach and allow myself more downtime. It’s so important!

Mikki has made a real name for herself in the wellness world, working with many top level triathletes, endurance athletes and media personalities. She also helps everyday people maintain a balanced approach to nutrition.

She also has a fantastic blog and a huge Facebook following. Mikki is certainly one to follow, and we suspect a few people in the Timely office will be trying some of her simple, enticing recipes this month!