After working at a Polynesian Spa in New Zealand, Stacey Burt became increasingly interested in enhancing beauty with Earth’s natural resources. Her new Melbourne-based business focusses on using organic products and services to treat and care for the largest organ in the human body: the skin. Meet our latest Customer of the Week: Little Company.

Customer of the Week: Little Company

Stacey has refined her approach to treating the skin, defying the norms of a conventional, clinical, salon.

“I was drawn to the minimalism and romanticism of how using simple ingredients, extracted from nature, could feed and nourish the skin.”

Customer of the Week: Little Company

Her passion for natural practices became hugely popular, and she soon identified a gap in the market — ‘Living Skin Facials.’ A service which emphasises the importance of treating the skin as a living organ.

Stacey’s skin-specific business promotes a holistic approach to beauty, believing that skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside.

“We’re continuing to develop the ‘living skin’ concept, feeding our skin with non-toxic remedies and integrating eastern techniques with products.”

Stacey is invested in education for herself, and her staff, which keeps the business fresh. Not only does this includes hands-on salon techniques, but also self-care workshops! Stacey believes that staff cannot pour from an empty cup — if they don’t practice self-care, how can they provide clients with a luxury experience?

“We aim to cultivate an environment of happiness internally. We’ve invested a lot of love and resources into making our space feel comfortable and calming for both our therapists and our visitors.”

Customer of the Week: Little Company

Stacey likes to do things a little differently from most. Not only does she offer a unique in-clinic experience, but the location is also rather unexpected.

Little Company is located in a warehouse-laden street far from the nearest retail strip. They have rugged concrete floors and steer away from the standard ambient clinic music.

They challenge conventional beauty salon practices and deliver additional value to their visitors in unexpected ways.

For Stacey, the best part about opening her business has been building a lifetime of connections with her clients.

“They teach me so much about life and it’s so rewarding to watch other therapists develop a passion for holistic skin care and transcend the idea that ‘it’s just a job’ within our industry.”

Customer of the Week: Little Company

Stacey’s next challenge is to allow clients to take a little bit of their business home. She’s developed an online store that sells skin-care products and other beauty utilities that complement the process of cultivating living skin at home. Products include waffle towels, handmade mask bowls, and soft room shoes that allow customers to treat themselves at home in between visits.

Like the name suggests, Little Company is small and perfectly formed. Their menu is bespoke and their services specialised — and this unique approach to business is proving to be a huge success.