Jazz Pampling is a Sydney-based eyebrow artist and educator who is redefining the ways in which women shape their brows. Her client list is rapidly growing and includes Paula Abdul, Naomi Watts, Jessica Mauboy, Samantha Harris, Heather Maltman, Cassie Howarth, and Network Ten's Natarsha Belling. Meet our latest Customer of the Week!

Customer of the Week: Jazz Pampling

Jazz started out as a freelance makeup artist. Working in the beauty industry was never a lifelong goal for Jazz — it just happened!

Jazz knew that eyebrow shape was her weakness in her make up work, so she decided to learn more. After sitting in on a master class where renowned makeup artist Rae Morris demonstrated the importance of eyebrows Jazz knew she had to know more, and so decided to pursue and research how to achieve the perfect brow.

Jazz not only shapes brows, she teaches her clients about how their brows can frame their features and what the best shape is for them. She believes that everyone should be educated about their brow and also believes that the ideal shape should be natural yet defined, easy to look after and complement a person’s features.

The idea behind Jazz’s work is to educate women the world over and empower them to have confidence in their beauty without the need for synthetic-based makeovers.

“Beauty is about confidence and I want to give everyone the confidence and know how to look after their own brow for their own features. I love natural beauty.”

Becoming a specialist has been key to Jazz’s success. Clients want great results, and it can be hard for practitioners to do this if their attention is spread across multiple services. Rather than offering mediocre beauty services, Jazz prefers to offer great brow shaping.

Customer of the Week: Jazz Pampling

Jazz is a huge believer in education.

“The moment you think you know it all, you are already behind.”

One of the ways Jazz has kept learning and remained inspired is by getting out of her brow studio and surrounding herself with other industry people.

Jazz’s favourite part of the industry is the freedom and lifestyle she’s been able to shape for herself. Jazz finds pleasure in helping others, and being able to educate and teach her clients to achieve a great brow shape at home makes it all worth it.

Jazz’s key to success has been her infamous bedside manner.

“It’s about listening. So often I hear from clients that their last beauty therapist/brow artist didn’t listen to their needs. That they felt they were on a brow conveyor belt.”

The client experience starts the moment that person enters the salon door and doesn’t end until the moment they leave. These days, your online presence plays a part too. You can give great brow shape, but you need to create a great feeling for the client also.

For Jazz, her clients’ online experience is crucial for their perception of the service. Timely provides Jazz with an easy-to-use online booking system that ensures clients stay on her website throughout the booking process.

“From day one I have found Timely to be the best online booking system available. The whole system is user-friendly for the business owner and client.”

Jazz is a guest speaker at multiple beauty expos across Australia and New Zealand, spreading her love of great brows and great business.

We can’t wait to see more of your success, Jazz.