HAUS No3 combines a passion for health and fitness, with an admiration for good design and craftsmanship. And when you step foot in this beautifully crafted studio, you witness their skills coming to life. 

Customer of the Week: HAUS No3

HAUS No3. opened it’s doors in January, with a goal to offer difference. Based in Bangkok, a culture where handicrafts are still alive and well, Henrik and Amm wanted to merge fitness and design to create a beautiful, fresh and inspiring space to work out.

Customer of the Week: HAUS No3

Finding the fitness industry rather ‘one-dimensional and monotonous’ the couple were ready to challenge these norms.

Although aware that the fitness landscape is saturated with facilities, Henrik and Amm believed something was still missing.

No one was focusing their attention or offering expertise in premium private training services (personal training and semi-private training).

At Haus No.3, they keep things simple, focusing purely on private training. They believe that this specialisation allows them to focus on what they do best.

This unique difference is also represented in their branding.

Their name, Haus No.3, also holds a lot of meaning and in itself explains their ideology. No3 represents someone’s ‘third space’ in life — that is between one’s home and work life.

We wanted our clients to be totally comfortable in this environment like they would be if they were exercising in their own home.

Customer of the Week: HAUS No3

Henrik and Amm thrive off of the empowerment that business ownership has given them. They’ve been able to create something personal, and challenge the traditional gym setting in Bangkok.

Timely allows the team to focus on what’s really important; their clients, and enhancing their business through professional development.

Timely is by far my favourite booking system due to its user-friendly experience and professional appearance.

Obsessed with creating the best experience possible for their clients, Henrik and Amm are now working towards developing their own premium handcrafted equipment brand, FYSIK. Equipment will include the usual suspects such as dumbbells, jump ropes, and medicine balls, however, they will be perfectly designed to look beautiful, and be more user-friendly.

Customer of the Week: HAUS No3Their long-term goal is to make this equipment available for people to proudly fit in their homes and other personal spaces.

If you’re looking to workout in one of the most aesthetically pleasing spaces in Bangkok, then look no further.

This couple are on a mission to make exercise beautiful, and as an avid fitness fanatic, I am excited to follow their journey.