Divine London launched five years ago in a single room in Rupal’s house. Now, the business has grown into a home of its own! Meet our latest Customer of the Week: Divine London.

Rupal never anticipated that her shop would grow to be the size of what it is today. Her business had humble beginnings as an ‘at-home’ project, but this small project very quickly turned into a big success story.

Today, Divine London is the ultimate beauty destination in North-West London.

Customer of the Week: Divine London

A ‘one stop’ beauty premises, Divine London has four hair styling stations, three treatment rooms as well as a relaxed lounge area which is flooded with natural light and ambience — the perfect space to wind down after a treatment.

With a background in textiles and manufacturing, Rupal opened her business with no experience in the industry. Rupal had originally bought a laser machine solely for her own personal use, but very quickly, she felt entrepreneurial blood rushing through her veins. She believed that if she wanted this treatment, others would too. This thought quickly became a reality.

Rupal is a big believer in hard work. She believes that to be successful, you just have to ‘keep on keepin’ on’. These qualities have been key to her success.

The business has a family-feel to it. Everyone knows each other by name, and it’s very personal. The staff know their customers’ stories, their families and their journeys.

Rupal wants her shop to feel like a beauty haven which is a world away from everyday stresses and strains — a space that focuses solely on life’s most precious commodities: time, space and comfort. Clients feel so welcome at Divine London that they often drop in for a coffee even without an appointment!

“Often when clients need to have a break from life, they come in!”

Customer of the Week: Divine London

Not only does Divine London endeavour to provide the most innovative techniques and progressive brands in their salon, but they’re good people. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most to their customers.