Chloe Moir always had a love for health and well-being, but it wasn’t until she met her partner Brendin that their passions collided. Meet our latest Customer of the Week!

Customer of the Week: Chloe Moir Nutrition

Chloe has a caring spirit, and as a business person, her goal is to help people live a healthier lifestyle through teaching clients how easy healthy eating can be.

“Healthy living is something I personally practice every day and I have first-hand experience of the benefits that come with it.”

The business was born from the perfect partnership; Chloe’s caring spirit combined with her partner Brendin’s passion for entrepreneurship. Brendin had always dreamed of running his own business which was a new concept to Chloe.

Their passions collided and together they came up with an online nutrition business to help people live a healthier lifestyle in an easy and affordable way.

Chloe Moir Nutrition is an online community that inspires, educates and motivates clients — long term! She admits that her programme may take longer than other diets but after years of working 1-on-1 with clients, she saw a common theme.

People were trying too much, too fast— and ultimately their old habits were returning after failing to sustain such drastic diets. Chloe teaches people at a steady pace so that her clients can learn new habits, recipes and exercises that are realistic.

“I want to empower people to succeed and give them the easiest tools available to make ‘healthy’ feel effortless.”

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One thing the couple learnt from the start was that they had to give away 80% of their knowledge for free (which Chloe admits was hard to swallow). This method has been a huge part of their success.

Chloe gives out a free 28-day ebook, they film recipe videos for their Facebook page, and Chloe has a free private Facebook group where she spends hours every day replying to messages, emails and helping people overcome their struggles.

Her followers know that they can message her at any time for support, and she loves that!

“Providing value to our audience for free has been the biggest game changer for us and has greatly helped our business to succeed.”

For Chloe, the best thing about running her own business has been the learnings and endless opportunities.

“Something that Brendin has taught me along this journey is that nothing is unachievable. If you want something done that you feel may be out of your knowledge base, there will be an online resource that can support you. There is always a way.”

Although they don’t deny that it’s hard work, Chloe and Brendin find everything about owning and running a business enjoyable.

“Brendin wakes up at 4am to edit videos and our weekends are taken up with filming/editing recipes for our Facebook page. It’s crazy but we love every minute of it and would never swap it for a 9-5 job again.”

Like most business success stories the key is passion and Chloe and Brendin’s business is no different.

“I am not doing this for the money or the success. I love what I do because I know I’m helping people achieve something they struggled with on their own.”

Customer of the Week: Chloe Moir Nutrition