The perfect union of skills, aesthetic beauty specialist Gillian Lowe and entrepreneur Jennie Wallace have created an award-winning skin clinic in Belfast! Meet our latest Customer of the Week: Beyond Skin.

Customer of the Week: Beyond Skin

The establishment of Beyond Skin was bittersweet. After the clinic they worked for shut its doors in 2016, Gillian and Jennie fought for a solution. They decided to flip the situation on its head and opened their own business, Beyond Skin.

Gillian started her career in the beauty industry not long after graduating and quickly moved into aesthetics. She is an advanced aesthetic laser specialist and oversees training for all new staff. Gillian is passionate about results and is always researching ways to improve services while continuing to look after clients.

Jennie’s career was varied, working in music, technology and beauty. Yet one thing was clear, she was passionate about business development. Jennie manages the front of house for Beyond Skin and oversees all finance and marketing operations.

This perfect marriage of skills has been the key to their success.

“We’re both strong, independent businesswomen but we have unique, yet complementary skill sets. As a team, there’s nothing we can’t do!”

Customer of the Week: Beyond Skin

With skin and appearance being a sensitive topic for most, customer care and honesty are vital at the clinic.

“We are passionate about customer care, and strive to provide a welcoming and safe environment where clients can relax and trust that they are being taken care of.”

This passion for client care inspires the team to constantly better themselves. They’re committed to finding solutions for skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, ageing and excess hair growth.

They work with global leaders in the aesthetic laser and cosmeceutical industries to provide top class treatments to clients across Ireland. As well as investing in innovation, they also invest in their people, ensuring all five staff attend regular training to stay on top of industry trends and techniques.

Jennie and Gillian are big advocates for business ownership, but stress the importance of doing your research first.

We went into this venture with our eyes wide open. We knew the marketplace, and we knew the opportunities.

Customer of the Week: Beyond Skin

Not only does their experience help them succeed, but so do their customers.

“Without our customers, we are nothing.”

The staff work very hard to look after their clients, focussing on honesty and quality. Because of this, their clients come back!

Timely has been key to ensuring the team at Beyond Skin can give their utmost attention to their clients.

Automated messaging means clients are getting the important information that they need, while the team can focus on the customers at hand. Their clients love how easy it is for them to reschedule their own appointments online.

“That kind of accessibility and ease of use reduces our no-shows and keeps a two-way communication channel open, which is vital for the success of our business.”

And successful they have been.

Beyond Skin were nominated for ‘Best Clinic’ in the 2017 Northern Ireland Hair & Beauty Awards earlier this year. As a new clinic, they were thrilled to be nominated against some long-established businesses. They also won a WhatClinic Award for Commitment to Outstanding Customer Service in 2017 — an indicator that they’re certainly doing it right!

“Excellent customer service is something we strive for and getting the recognition was very rewarding.”

Beyond Skin has given Jennie and Gillian control of their own destiny. After working for multiple clinics, Gillian is now able to treat and serve clients her own way.

Jennie admits that they’re both very hard on themselves, constantly striving to push themselves to do better.

“Every so often we find time to sit back and reflect on how far we’ve come and that feels good.”