At just 20 years old, Isabella Walker has become a brand. With three staff, two businesses, and a cosmetics company on the horizon, Isabella is undoubtedly a busy woman. Meet our latest Customer of the Week: Bella Brows.

Bella became interested in beauty during high school. She took up a beauty course that was on offer and believes this was the only thing that got her through those years.

Not quite fitting the mould of the education system, she instead chose to immerse herself in the aesthetics industry and learn as much as she could.

Bella quickly became interested in brows and makeup. She loved the way you could naturally enhance someone’s features and make a huge impact, without opting for invasive cosmetic surgeries.

“I love the way good brows can change a face – naturally. It’s about enhancing what you’ve got.”

Bella pursued her passion and began seeing friends and family from her parent’s lounge. She quickly made a name for herself. Soon, mutual friends and acquaintances began requesting that Bella do their brows. Now she knew she was onto something!

Bella Brows first opened its doors in 2016, in a small inner city studio.

This 7 square meter premises only housed one brow chair, but with full books after only a few months, Bella needed to expand to keep up with demand.

Customer of the Week: Bella Brows

Her new space houses three brow chairs, and the same number of employees to help tend to her clients’ needs!

Although only 20 years old, her mature and quietly ambitious personality is attracting clients young and old.

“I treat girls straight out of high school, and my grandma even comes in to have her brows done and lashes tinted. I meet women from all walks of life.”

Bella has a love of learning which helps her stay ahead of the game. She recently traveled to LA to learn brow tattooing and microblading, and has plans to return for further training this year.

Customer of the Week: Bella Brows

Bella also loves learning from her staff.

“We all have different techniques that we pick up along the way, either through practice or through different businesses or mentors. We all learn from one another, and that’s very important.”

Although hugely humble, Bella has some serious goals.

After being a freelancer and working from home herself, Bella saw another opportunity.

“When I was freelancing, it was so hard to find a space that was professional, beautiful and affordable.”

Beaut Space was Bella’s answer — a place where freelance makeup artists and clinicians can ‘rent a chair’.

Beaut Space opened next door to Bella Brows in 2017. Freelancers pay by the hour and rent a chair so their clients can be in a professional space, but they’re not stuck with huge overheads!

“Beaut Space is a beautiful space for makeup artists, that is fully fitted out, and it’s affordable — it’s also a great stepping stone for those who want to grow their brand.”

Customer of the Week: Bella Brows

Now that Beaut Space is up and running, like a true entrepreneur, Bella is onto the next thing — a beauty line!

Bella has been working with three labs to perfect her new brow product line. Currently in the development stages, her next mission is to work on packaging and branding. Her hope is that this product, consisting of brow pencils, powders, gels, and tints, can go further than Bella Brows. She hopes that her product will be desired by brow artists worldwide!

“My goal is for people to want to visit Bella Brows – and not just ask for ‘Bella’.”

With such a humble approach to life, and so quietly determined, Isabella Walker is going places.

We can’t wait to see where your journey is headed, Bella!