Twelve years ago Julaine Booth was considering a career change when a meeting with her former dance teacher steered her in the right direction. Meet our latest Customer of the Week, Nest Remedial Massage.

Customer of the Week: Nest Remedial Massage

With a background in dance, film and television, and arts management Julaine was open to career possibilities. When her dance teacher (who is now an energetic healer and coach) noticed Julaine’s hot hands, she suggested she put them to good use.

Julaine studied during pregnancy with both her daughters, and for the past five years she has specialised in women’s and baby’s health through her business ‘Nest Remedial Massage’. With a clinic conveniently placed above a cafe in Sydney’s inner city Erskineville, Julaine thinks the location makes for the perfect waiting room. Every client is met with a warm and welcoming environment on arrival.

As a passionate advocate for the nourishing and healing benefits of massage therapy Julaine is experienced in treating a diverse range of clients and working with women at all stages of pregnancy. She takes a holistic approach to every treatment, and credits her success to her ability to adjust to meet each individual’s needs. Julaine is also a qualified Infant Massage Instructor and can share safe and beneficial massage techniques with parents and caregivers.

“I listen to my clients and try to adapt my practice to their needs. I treat children and teens with anxiety, women and men with anxiety, depression, and the general stress of living in a big city.”

One of the biggest benefits of business ownership for Julaine is the ability to work the hours that suit her and her family, and adapt immediately to any changes if anything arises. In addition to her work as a massage therapist she is now training as a counsellor as she feels her practice needs those skills in order to assist her clients.

With a business, a family, and further study in progress, Julaine has a need for clarity and organisation. Since moving from a pen and paper system to Timely she has been able to manage the juggle with confidence.

“My best friend suggested many years ago that I move to Timely. Clients book when they want with much greater ease. It links with Xero and I love the reminder messages.”

Since that meeting with her former dance teacher twelve years ago Julaine has enjoyed a career that allows her to care for others with passion. While the physical benefits of massage therapy have long been understood, Julaine adds to this with a big-picture approach that allows her clients to unwind and replenish between appointments.

“I always give my clients homework (usually yoga stretches, or reminders to de-stress) as they are the one’s fixing themselves…I just guide.”