We've just made some improvements to the way customers are attached to appointments.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some screenshots illustrating the major changes to appointments:


The customer name has been merged into a unified field rather than separate first and last name fields. This allows you to type out the customers name in full and see if any existing customers match on the full name rather than the first and last name separately. 


Once a customer has been saved against the appointment it is “locked-in” . If you need to change to a different customer (or create a new one) then click the grey circle to remove the existing customer. You can then type in a new customer or choose an existing one.
Just a couple of other things worth noting:

  • When you create a new customer we automatically split out the full name into first and last names for you
  • We’ve also fixed a bug where the customer drop-down sometimes got stuck on the screen

Visit the Tour for an overview of Timely’s customer related features.