Looking back on 2015, we were all like ??? at the many great ideas shared on the Timely blog. So we decided to pick out our best seven posts to help 2016 be a great year for you in your salon. Enjoy!

7 blog posts every salon owner must read

1. The Four Essential Steps to Setting Your Salon’s Prices

how to set salon prices

Charging what you’re worth is something we all have struggled with (or still are!). I know I certainly did when I started out in business.

Karen Lynch from Salon Opinion Magazine wrote this great piece for us with four easy tips on how to set prices that make you profitable. It’s very simple to follow, there’s no guesswork, and it shows how to make a formula that you can use to adjust everything on your menu. Easy.

P.S. You don’t even need to be good at math! ?


2. Seven Habits of Highly Successful Salon Owners

habits of successful salon owners

Larissa Macleman started her first salon as she turned 20, and grew her team of nearly 30 exceptional woman. After selling the salon on the businesses 20th anniversary, she started working with other successful salon owners around New Zealand and Australia.

In her work, she’s noticed that while they were all different, these salon owners had a few core traits in common.

Larissa wrote these down as seven habits that you can adopt as your own, starting today, to be a more successful salon owner. They’re simple, but they’ll make a big difference.


3. Do what others won’t: Use your superpowers

larissa macleman and julie piantadosi

This is a great little video interview with Julie Piantadosi, a salon owner turned media personality representing the salon industry in Australia. Her schedule is crazy! She works all the time, raises a family, and travels so much that the air hostesses know her by name.

But she always manages to be full of energy, happy and bright. Her secret is to use her superpowers. What does that mean? It means getting out of bed in the morning at 4:30 AM to give herself more hours in the day, and doing things that nobody wants to do to get ahead.

I can hear you already saying, “I’m too tired to get up at that hour!” But Julie says, “I’m tired, but I’m already tired so I might as well be tired and successful.” ?


4. This piece of  knowledge will make you $23,000 this year

you don't sell haircuts

Larissa wrote down another great tip that can earn you up to $23,000 dollars a year. That’s the salary of an assistant! Or a down payment on a house. Or a brand new car. Or a nice holiday in Hawaii!

“You don’t actually sell haircuts!”

It involves being disciplined about your appointment book. The little gaps add up, and when time is money, closing those gaps translates into cash in the bank. It’s easy to follow – highly recommended reading.


5. Why the front desk is so important

your front desk is important

Lisa Conway is our favourite salon guest blogger. If you have a  couple spare minutes, check out her work on our blog. Inspiration guaranteed.

In this post, Lisa talks about how making little adjustments at the front desk can swing the needle when it comes to cashflow. She gives examples of changes in your interactions that can improve your booking rate and make your clients more loyal. A lot of is it based around building rapport and speaking in words that inspire action.


6. Make your message clear: Say what you mean to!

make your message clear!

If you feel like you’re always having to repeat yourself or that things are not being done your way in your business, this post by Lisa has two great tips to get things back on track quickly.

What I love about what Lisa suggests is that it’s not something vague like “Be more empathetic,” which really means nothing. She gives you tips that you can do right now, like take pictures as visual references, and speak less so that when you do speak, your words carry weight.


7. How to Organise your Salon’s Social Media Posts

salon social media planner

Keeping your social media profiles active with fresh content is a challenge. That’s why we’ve made a free downloadable social media post planner that you can use to keep your profiles pumping with fresh content and your audience engaged.

We use something similar for our business. It makes social media planning so much easier. Just download the planner, print it out, and fill it up when you have a free hour. Done.