We’re super excited to let you know that Timely has partnered with Swedish payment provider iZettle, so businesses in twelve of our regions now have access to a one-stop-shop for all their business software.

Create a great checkout experience for you and your clients with Timely and iZettle

“It was an easy decision to choose iZettle as our preferred payment provider in the UK, as like Timely, iZettle believe in making things as easy as possible for their customer. They don’t do contracts, have one rate across all major card-types and they’re constantly innovating.” Simon Christie, Head of Product, Timely

Why you should use iZettle in your business:

Manage your cash with confidence

There’s no need for spreadsheets or other software to help reconcile and manage your accounts. Once you’ve connected your iZettle payment terminal to Timely’s iOS app, you’re all set for a beautiful check-out experience. 

It’s easy to keep a record of all your clients’ appointments and sales and together with Timely’s cash up features, you can run your business knowing that all your transactions are being accurately handled within Timely. 

Faster and better checkout experience for you and your client

When using Timely on iOS you can process the sale and have the sales amount automatically sent to the iZettle payment terminal, so you no longer have to manually enter the amount – you’ll save time and eliminate any manual errors!

No contracts, one flat card rate & Timely customers get exclusive access

Like Timely, iZettle doesn’t believe in locking their customers into lengthy contracts and make it as easy as possible for you to spend time looking after your clients rather than spending hours on the business. That’s why iZettle offers one flat rate across all card types, with no hidden fees.

As a bonus, Timely customers get direct access to the iZettle team for premium support.

iZettle is currently available in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Head here to find out more about connecting your Timely iOS app with an iZettle reader

Not in a country that supports iZettle?

Timely support a number of other payment providers so reach out to us today to talk about who we support in your region.