Consult for Hair Salons – give your clients comfort in the fact that you’re capturing their wishes and relax knowing you're protecting your business’ brand, reputation, and bottom line.

Deliver the Perfect Salon Consultation Every Time

Consult is an easy to use client consultation app for iPad & iPhone that’s free for everyone, not just Timely customers.



Why you should use Consult for Hair Salons

Build confidence and create loyalty: Clients are your most valuable advertisements and they want to be assured their hair is in the best possible hands. Establish client trust and advocacy by giving your staff the tools to be confident and bold.

Protect your business: Consult reduces the likelihood of client complaints. There’s a growing trend occurring in the salon industry, of clients returning after a recent treatment demanding a redo or refund. The domination of social media has given power to the people, for better or for worse. While large corporations can recover after a PR disaster on social media, smaller businesses may not be so lucky.

Easy access to your consultations: Once the consultation forms are complete they will be saved in the app for easy reference, and with just a few taps you can upload them to your client’s record in Timely.

Designed and tested by people like you

To ensure we’ve built something that you’ll like and use, we teamed up with industry expert and hair educator, Dario Cotroneo to help design the forms. We also tested it with clients just like yours. It doesn’t matter what size your business is or who your clients are – Consult was created with your business in mind.

Why we’ve built this outside of Timely

We want to create the industry gold standard for client consultations that’s free and easily accessible to all. With Consult we can enable salons teams everywhere to provide not only a world-class consultation but also the best possible client experience. We want every client walking out your door to be ecstatic with their new cut, colour, or style.

Sounds good huh? Get the app here:



Additional Timely consultation tools


Another great tool if you have your own forms. ‘Documents’ in Timely is a great way to store your client files and keep the front desk uncluttered. If your clients are filling out forms with you, you can take pictures of them or scan and upload them to Timely. Alternatively, if you want to go paperless you could laminate a copy of your forms and hand them to your clients with a fine whiteboard pen, then scan or take a photo and upload. If your clients email you a document or PDF, you can save these files to their client profile in Timely. Easy peasy!

Client photos on your iphone


Who doesn’t love a good before and after photo? We do! You’re probably taking photos of your amazing work anyway so why not store them in a client profile in Timely. This is a great way to organise all those photos you have and keep them stored in one place so that you don’t lose anything that you might want to share on social media later. Your clients might also send you some pictures of their ‘hairspiration’ before an appointment, you can also save these files and upload them to the client’s profile for safe keeping.