Do you want a record of who attended your classes in Timely? Today we've introduced a new tab on the class window which allows you to record attendance for each customer booked into a class.

When you click on a class from the calendar you’ll see a new Attendance tab. Here you can change the attendance status of each of the customers booked into the class, and mark all as attended at once.

Class attendance - status changed

This makes it easy when it’s time to raise invoices for the class, as the attendance status will also show in the Customers tab for that class. Here you’ll see a tick for those marked as ‘Attended‘ and a thumbs down for a ‘Did not show‘.

Class attendance invoice

The attendance status will also populate into the attendance report, which you can access on the Details tab of the class window.

Classes print

This is just the first of a whole bunch of exciting things we’re working on around classes in Timely. So keep checking our blog for updates!

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, why not leave us a comment on this blog, or get in touch with us.