The latest functionality to help you run your salon or spa is the ability to store all your clients documents in Timely. Yip - no more messy files all over the show.

Another Reason to Keep Your Business in Your Pocket

You use your phone for everything, why not use it for work too? Timely enables you to run your salon or spa from your iPhone or iPad, meaning you don’t have to be in your business to be working on your business.

Tidy up those files once and for all

Now you can keep all your client soap notes, consultations and treatment records in one place, helping you to stay organised and on top of your client’s information.

It’s easy peasy

We’ve built the functionality in Timely so all you need to do is go to your client’s profile where you’ll see a new heading titled ‘Documents’. Here the camera on your iPad or iPhone will automatically scan and convert your documents to pdf, saving them against their record.

If you like, you can scan multiple pages, converting them into a single pdf!

Plus – if you have your client documents stored in your email account or another app like Google docs, you can easily import these directly into your clients record too!

Find out more here.

Using our iOS app there is so much you can do, from managing your calendar, staff, messages, and easily save all your notes, photos, and now documents, in individual client profiles.

If you haven’t already, download our app today.

What’s next for documents?

We’ll be rolling out this feature on our web app allowing you to easily shift all those client documents taking up space on your PC, onto your client’s record in the cloud.

Coming soon to Timely

We’ve just announced our partnership with Afterpay, giving your clients another option when they come to pay for their service.

Improve your client retention with Afterpay, find out more here.