As an accountant for most of her career, Kathy Chowles likes to keep a sharp eye on the numbers. Timely's reporting features have made this job a lot easier for Kathy, so she can spend more time on growing her business.

Beauty Boutique

Kathy always had a passion for beauty, ever since she studied beauty therapy in the 70’s. At this time, she chose a different path and decided to pursue a career in accounting. Over the following decades, the beauty industry always had a pull on her. Two years ago, an opportunity came up for her to buy the Beauty Boutique in Auckland, which she grabbed with open arms.

Two beauty therapists provide the treatments and see to clients, while Kathy owns and manages the beauty salon. This means that Kathy has the flexibility to work on the business rather than in it, keeping a trained eye on the performance of the salon. Timely’s reporting feature has made this role a lot easier for Kathy. She can run reports which tell her sales and stock levels at the click of a button each week. These give her the business visibility she needs to make the right decisions.

Timely is very good at keeping records of inventory, so we know exactly how much stock we’ve got and it tells us when we need to re-order.

Moving over to Timely was a simple process

As Kathy came from another software solution, there was some history that needed to be imported so she could have some insight into the past. She simply sent the necessary files through to the Timely onboarding team, and she was ready to go.

In terms of learning the software, it was a case of logging in and going for it. “If you’ve never used Timely before, you can easily find your way around. Everything is well placed out and very logical.”

Timely is very simple to learn, it really is very user-friendly.

Beauty Boutique

The support at Timely is superb

With Kathy’s old software system, she found it very hard to get hold of support. There was one support person who had many hats, so getting hold of them was very difficult. Once Kathy could get in touch, the support was fine, but as Kathy said, “When you need support, you need it now.”

Timely is a breath of fresh air in that respect. She can simply email support and get a prompt answer, which is very important when running a busy beauty salon.

You can take Timely with you, wherever you go

Kathy’s favourite feature of Timely is the fact that you can take it anywhere. She doesn’t need to be in the salon to keep an eye on what is going on. She can log in from anywhere, day or night, without having to be in the salon just to check in.

The remote login is wonderful, I don’t have to be here to check my calendar.

Beauty Boutique

Online booking is good for business

Her clients also benefit from the ability to book in at any time. Kathy has set up online booking on both the business website and on the Facebook page. She finds that most bookings come in out of hours when the salon is closed, which is a sign that it’s an important tool for her business.

Online booking makes it easier for our clients to book in with us, even when we are closed.

Kathy is a very happy Timely customer, and in her words, she’s “here to stay” in the long term. It works well for her business, her clients, and her staff.