We’re super excited to announce that we’re opening an Aussie office!

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With so many of our customers based in Australia (already thousands of you!) and so many other amazing small businesses there who we’d love to start working with, it’s the right time for us to get over there and be ready to support you all better than ever. So, next month, we’ll be setting up our Australian HQ in Melbourne.

This new office will mean we’re right there in your time zone whenever you need us, with – soon – a friendly Timely local on the other end of the line. You’ll also be seeing our faces at more expos and events throughout Australia this year, so come by and say hello to us! We love meeting you all, and we’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to connect with more small businesses around the country.

Our Head of Sales, Israel Butson, will head to Melbourne shortly with his family to start a new life – and Timely – chapter. He’ll take with him the genuine, helpful, customer-first culture we’ve always had here at Timely, and will grow a team of people who will live and breath all the things we value as a company.

After spending a few weeks photographing the Yarra skyline and drinking what he’s told is some of the best coffee on the planet getting settled with his family, he’ll start forming that team of great people – stay tuned to our blog, Twitter and Facebook page for updates on the Aussie team as it grows. We’ll be looking for some great Melbourne locals to help us out (if you know of any be sure to send them our way).

We can’t wait to dive in and get to know our mates across the ditch even better!

If you have any questions or comments, jump over to our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your thoughts!