Aoraki Polytechnic recently chose Timely as the booking system for their Massage Therapy training clinic. The setup allows members of the public to make a booking with a student massage therapist, who use Timely to manage their bookings.

Aoraki Polytechnic massage therapy clinic signs up with Timely

Why did Aoraki select Timely as their booking system of choice? They told us they found Timely super simple to use while also having a modern feel, and love the fact it works from anywhere and across all mobile devices. They also talked about how simple it was to set up, and how extremely cost effective it is as a booking solution. I think that’s what you call ‘ticking all the boxes’ :-)

David McQuillan, the Massage Therapies Team Leader, particularly liked the way Timely automatically handles all email and text reminders to customers:

“It’s a huge benefit – it saves time and reduces the opportunity for human error.”

Automatic reminders greatly reduce the chance of a customer not turning up for their appointment, which in a standard business setting equates to a loss of income. For Aoraki they are doubly painful, as they also represent a lost opportunity for a student to gain valuable learning experience. Being able to automate and trust that whole process is a big deal.

Thanks for coming on board, Aoraki – great to have you guys along for the ride!