Telling people over dinner that you've spent 10 years making online booking systems isn't exactly a crowd-pleaser, is it? But for my co-founder, Andrew, and I that is a reality.

Introducing Timely – Online appointments

Together we have around 20 years experience building online booking systems and working with the businesses that use them every day.

Our previous company, BookIt, was built on a tourism booking system that is used by thousands of businesses and is now owned and operated by New Zealand’s largest e-commerce website, Trade Me.

We are proud to announce Timely – an online appointment system for any business operator that takes appointments for their services. But what makes Timely different from other online appointment systems?

At Timely we believe it is not enough to just provide a computerised appointment system. It is not enough to say “because it is online, your doors are open 24/7”. Your appointment system is the cornerstone of your business and Timely is built with that in mind. We’ve nailed the basics, making Timely super easy and fun to use for your staff and your customers. But more importantly, we’re linking Timely up with the latest trends and technologies to bring you new customers and save you time managing your business. We’ll be releasing heaps of details as we get closer to launch, so register to be notified of updates and info as it is published here.

Over the next few months we will also announce our Timely partners. These are other leading websites and online solutions that will integrate directly with Timely to sell your services to the world and make running your day-to-day business a breeze.

When is this all happening? We’re launching Timely in July… and you can hold us to that. We don’t miss deadlines and we are passionate about making a great product for you the business owner and your customers.

If you are a service provider and you’re already interested, register your interest to join our early adopters programme. We will be publishing some more information on the benefits of being a Timely early adopter in the next blog post.

… In case you were wondering, Andrew and I don’t actually introduce ourselves to people by saying we’ve spent a third our lives making online booking systems. There’s always a way to put a more interesting spin on it. But I normally avoid using the word “entrepeneur”. More on that in a future blog post perhaps!