They say to never mix business with pleasure but sometimes it’s that exact formula that creates magic!

An easy decision for partners in life and business

Moving from a Client-Stylist relationship to a more personal one was the first step in the journey for Abbie and Matt when they went on their first date back in 2014.

They have now come full circle and are once again together in a salon, but this time as partners in Wellington based hair boutique So You Hair.

“It’s a match made in heaven, he’s my soulmate, and when he suggested we buy a salon together, I was thrilled that he believed in my talents.”

A match made in heaven

Creating a strong and successful business in the Hair and Beauty industry requires not only exceptional creative talent but also a sharp mind for business.

Matt is the business-minded one in this dynamic duo. Currently, a partner at a local accountancy firm, Matt lends his hand to the wages and books on a Saturday while Abbie manages the salon and its ever expanding clientele.

On Sundays, they do the weekly salon shop or work on strategic plans while cooking the evening meal together. There is no rest for a growing company it seems, and Abbie wouldn’t have it any other way.

She wasn’t sold on the idea of being a business owner at first until she walked into So You and instantly fell in love. “It was an emotional decision for me, and for Matt, a sound investment proposition”.

“Things happen for a reason,” Abbie says. “I came to NZ for a reason, Matt came into my life for a reason, and before long we owned a business together. We’re soulmates. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“It’s been a whirlwind and I often wonder ‘But what if I fall?…’ but equally ‘But what if we fly?’”

Why do your clients love to come to So You Hair?

The clientele has certainly evolved since Abbie and Matt have taken over the salon. The couple cater to a diverse demographic and their clients enjoy the flavour that Abbie brings to the industry.

“To me, it’s a place where my passion and beliefs come together. I get to make the salon experience exactly how I think it should be.”

They care deeply about being Eco-friendly and sustainable and creating a luxury environment for their clients. “You don’t have to be a wealthy executive to enjoy a luxury experience,” says Abbie.

An easy decision for partners in life and business

Being sustainable means they provide a full range of natural products and work hard to create an eco-friendly environment.

The products they choose to stock all reflect their commitment to Eco-hairdressing. As a result, they attract clients who care about what they put on their hair and bodies. Abbie comments that 70% of what you put on your body is absorbed through your skin, and she ensures that they’re always looking out for their clients when it comes to eco alternatives.

The salon is a beautiful boutique space which is overflowing with experiential luxuries for clients and the working team alike.

There is an evident focus on the client experience, from the luxury embroidered hand towels in the restroom to the selection of artisan iced tea, barista coffee and silver tray service for complimentary hand treatments.

“There is no detail left uncovered and they are constantly discovering ways to go above and beyond on every experiential level.”

How do you use smart technology in the salon?

Smart technology is important to Matt and the So You team and the fact that Timely, with its online booking feature, has saved them from having to hire a receptionist is an added bonus!

An easy decision for partners in life and business

Being able to re-book clients while they are still in the chair makes life infinitely easier for Abbie and her stylists. Clients are able to schedule their next visit while their colour is still processing, meaning they are not waiting around after their appointment at the salon reception. Perfect for busy clients and busy salons!

The use of an iPad also makes it easier for Abbie and her stylists to keep track of colour recipes. The iPad is kept at the colour bar and means that the stylists not only have access to the information they need at the touch of a screen, but are also no longer paper-based, ensuring that the salon remains focused on best practice when it comes to environmental sustainability.

An easy decision for partners in life and business

We also use Mailchimp to produce our monthly newsletters and we love how our new customers’ details sync directly from Timely to Mailchimp. We also often receive a change in a customers’ email details via email which we open via the Gmail app on our iPad. We can then flick over to Timely on the iPad, update the details and safely know the same information is in Mailchimp.