Meet our newest global ambassador, educator and tanning specialist, Jasmine Scarr.

Timely welcomes ambassador Jasmine Scarr

Jasmine Scarr started her mobile tanning business in 2007, and while the business was a success she wasn’t completely satisfied with the products she was using on her clients. 

So, in 2014, Jasmine decided to launch Bella Bronze Tan, her own range of professional tanning products. She wanted to develop a solution unlike anything that was already available, so backed by two years of research and continuing work with cosmetic labs, she developed her own professional spray tanning solution.

Jasmine’s passion for a vegan and cruelty-free tanning formula struck a chord around the world with salons in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, the UK, Kuwait, the US and Canada using her products. The success allowed her to develop an even greater range of products.

Jasmine made the switch to Timely in 2020 and the impact on her business was huge.

“I could not be more excited and proud to be an ambassador for Timely. I could not love this platform more,” says Jasmine. “ It has absolutely changed my business, and helped us scale since making the change during covid in 2020. I have since been telling everyone and anyone in the hair and beauty industry to make the switch if they haven’t already so they too can have the same experience we have had.”

“I could not be more excited and proud to be an ambassador for Timely. I could not love this platform more.”

“We’re so thrilled to have Jasmine join the Timely community,” says Neil Conchie, commercial partnerships manager at Timely. “We love her entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to spin multiple plates at once, and how she strives for excellence in everything she does.

“She cares deeply about standards and playing her part in ensuring the beauty industry is constantly improving. Starting a partnership with Jasmine was a no-brainer, her drive and ambition is inspiring and we’re excited to learn alongside her.”

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