I'm pleased to share some news with you that we've raised $7 million in funding to help us make Timely bigger, better and faster for you. Thank you for your support to this point, but buckle in folks. We're just getting started!

Our $7m funding and why it matters

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately. This is mainly because our team has grown and we now have clever people who write much better than I do. And really, that’s the growth path for most small business owners, isn’t it? When you start out it’s just you, or if you’re lucky one or two co-founders. You do anything and everything it takes to get the business up and running. If it works, then over time you get to hire some help and find people who are experts in their area.

I’m proud that we’ve been able to do this with Timely. We recently turned five years old and our team has grown to nearly 50 people. Over 30,000 professionals use Timely every day and have made over 40 million appointments.

Timely's distributed team has grown to nearly 50 people.

But we’re just getting started.

Just like our friends Nicky and Kelvin at OFF & ON. When we met them four years ago they were just opening their second branch and a small team. Today they have grown to six locations across the country and a team of around 50 staff. It’s been fun to share the ride with them and Nicky tells us that we’ve been pretty helpful.

Nicky Shore from OFF & ON - a Timely customer based in Auckland, New Zealand

“I remember asking Ryan and Andrew if they believed they would be able to grow and develop the Timely product to match our ambitions. It was the most important thing to me because I could see that the other booking systems weren’t keeping up with the times. The guys gave me their word and have not let us down.”

Hearing these stories always makes my day and I jump out of bed every morning to go and collect more of them.

We have so much more we want to do to add value to the beauty and wellbeing industry. We have features we want to add to Timely, we have partners we want to collaborate with and we have thousands of business owners that we want to introduce to Timely. I had a note from Sandy Chong, CEO of the Australian Hairdressing Council, who is pleased to hear this.

“It’s important to the industry that operational standards are high and systems like Timely are great for this. There’s a lot of opportunity in digital for our members.”

Sandy Chong, CEO of the Australian Hairdressing Council

That is why I am very pleased to announce that we’ve raised $7 million in funding to help us do all of these things. You can read the official announcement over here on our media page. The important thing is that the funding will let us keep delivering you the software that you need to run your business, in an ever-changing landscape.

If you are reading this post there’s a good chance you’ve played a part in getting Timely to where it is today. This company has been built on the love, support and hard work of many people. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It is a genuine privilege to work with you all.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a comment or question below!