Technology has reinvented almost every aspect of our lives. It’s about time that salons hopped on the bandwagon.

6 Steps Towards a Smart Salon

With smartphones changing the way we see mobile phones, YouTube changing the way we watch videos, and Facebook changing the way we communicate, you may be left wondering what technologies are available that can help elevate your salon to the next level. The age of the smart salon is approaching.

Let’s take a look at all of the amazing technologies that can be utilized to make your salon run faster and with more efficiency than ever before!

Smart speaker

Your smart salon needs music, or at the very least some soothing nature sounds to help set the atmosphere. What do you do if you want to change or turn off the music but your hands are occupied? Being able to control your playlist (and other things) with your voice can be super helpful. Here’s a few options:

Imagine being able to change the music to suit your client’s request, without stopping what you’re doing.

POS Software

Always keep in mind that your smart salon can still be a retail business. You’re going to want to make sure that when it comes time for your customers to pay up, they’re met with a nicely designed interface that allows them to pay (and leave a tip!) with ease.

A seamless point of sale experience makes the process of paying for items like shampoo and conditioner much more convenient. The likelihood of your customers purchasing more products will increase in turn.

Other features you should be on the lookout for are reports that track how your business is doing.

Wireless Thermostat

Getting your hair done involves sitting in one area for extended periods of time. So if your smart salon is too hot or cold, chances are that your customers will let you know either in person or through a passive aggressive online review.

That’s why you should go ahead and make the investment in a wireless thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere and aides in giving your salon an upscale look.


Tablets today have so many features that can help you run your business that it would be crazy not to invest in one for your smart salon. On top of that, having your tablet handy means that you don’t have to be constantly going back & forth to your computer to take care of each & everything that arises.

Timely point of sale works on your iPad, or even your iPhone!

Smart Salon Point of Sale on Timely

QR Codes

I’m sure that you’re aware of QR codes. Did you know that they could be used to help out your smart salon?

Putting up QR codes in different areas of your salon is a great way to get more people to sign up for your email list. It can increase your sales, get more followers on social media, and promote deals.

It’s also great for unique offers, and the best part is that they’re quick and easy to set up!

Virtual Imaging

Have you ever had a client that was thinking about trying out a new hairstyle but decided not to because they weren’t sure of how it would look on them? A smart salon can utilise augmented reality to help out!

With virtual imaging technology, clients can see what a hairstyle would look like on them before you even start working! The majority of these programs have large database of styles, colors, accessories. You don’t have to worry about a certain style not appearing.

Start upgrading!

Turning your salon into a fully-fledged ‘smart salon’ is no simple feat. It is possible though, with some effort and careful planning. Research some of the ideas stated above, and you’ll be on your way to having one of the smartest salons in town!