Everyone wants more customers, right?! Getting your customers to book online is a great way to streamline your appointment sales funnel and maximise the number of new and returning bookings you get. All you need to do is point potential customers in the direction of your booking button or page, and Timely will take care of the rest, from appointment times to payment.

3 Timely tools to help you get more bookings

Here are three tools included in your Timely account to help you get more bookings. You can find them under the “Promote” tab when you’re signed into Timely.

Mini website

Did you know that a free mini-website is included with every Timely account? Yep! Simply log in to your dashboard (or sign up for a free 30 day trial if you don’t have an account) click on “Promote,” and click on “Mini website.”

This will build a website for your business that you can edit with your own content, without having to write any code. The default address for these websites is yourbusines.gettimely.com, but if you’d like to purchase a domain name to use, you can do so right from the dashboard.

In under 15 minutes, your website could be live and receiving bookings. There is more information on setting up the mini website here.

Facebook app

We know how important social media is to small businesses, especially to those in the fitness industry who rely on word of mouth to get them new customers. That’s why we’ve built a Timely Facebook app that can be placed on any Facebook page, which allows your fans to book your services without ever leaving the social network. How cool is that!?

The app can be configured under Promote > Facebook app. If you need help setting up the Facebook app, there’s a detailed help doc here.

Booking buttons and widgets

If you already have a website, you can copy and paste the Timely booking button code into your website’s sidebar, or anywhere else where you’d like the button to appear. When your customers click on the booking button, a pop-up will open that allows them to book services and choose an appointment time.

Some businesses take advantage of this by setting up landing pages and promoting them on social media and search engines. They feature the Timely booking button on the page so that, when the potential customer has read what the business has to offer, they can book an appointment or consultation right there.

You can do this too by creating a new page, adding your content, and then pasting in the booking button code at the bottom of the page. There’s more information on adding the button to your site here.

Get creative with Timely and get ready to watch those new booking notifications roll in!