Everyone likes to look good, and when you're getting paid to help others look their best, having a strong professional image can help you win over new clients and keep the ones you have.

3 tips to buff your professional image

Here are 3 tips to buff your professional image:

Never forget your calendar

Never be caught without your calendar again. You wouldn’t leave your house without your phone, so it only makes sense to keep your calendar on your phone too.

Use a booking system that syncs with Google Calendar, since all phones support Google Calendar, and you’ll get notifications and see what your schedule looks like from anywhere at any time on your smart phone.


PT’s at work go through their client list and text each one the day before an appointment. Sure, your shiny new smartphone needs to get its workout in every once in a while, but reminding clients to turn up to their appointments is best left to automated services.

Automatic reminders send each client a text message before their appointment letting them know that they need to show up without you having to do anything.

If they’re a no show, you can record that in your calendar and hold it against them. We won’t judge.


After your appointment, don’t do the whole “I’m texting you my bank account” thing. There are better and easier ways for you to get your money and your customer to pay you.

You can have an invoice automatically created and sent to the customer after their appointment, and they can pay online using their credit card, or through online banking. They have options and so do you.

A good reason to use a service like this is that you’ll be able to keep track of how much you’re making easily, and you’ll be able to see who the naughty clients are who still owe you money.


For $19 a month, you could completely improve your professional image by getting an automated booking system, client reminders, and the ability to take your calendar everywhere on your smartphone. No more waiting around for clients who don’t show. No more negotiating appointment times with clients. Just you, doing your thing, while Timely takes control of the rest.