What do you know about the people who make your favourite booking software?

10 things you should know about Timely

1. We’re built out of Middle Earth, but our sights are set globally

Most of you probably know that we’re based out of beautiful New Zealand, with offices in Dunedin and Wellington. While we do enjoy where we live, we’ve had a global outlook from day one. In fact we recently opened an office in the UK to make sure our customers in different time zones are getting the care they deserve while the New Zealand team is getting their beauty sleep. Some of us need it :)

2. We’re totally cloud-based

This is something our customers say they love about us. You don’t need to install anything to get started with Timely. You just open up your browser and start booking appointments! It’s super easy. The other big advantage of Timely being cloud-based is that you can use it on any device from anywhere, and you don’t need to pay for extra licenses. If your computer fails or is stolen, your data is safe with us.

3. We’ve met Tabatha Coffey

It’s true. We were at Hair Expo 2015 and she came to say hi for a chat! Pics or it didn’t happen – luckily we have evidence. Timely has also written for Tabatha’s new website, industrieonline.com. Let’s be honest, we’re still a little bit starstruck.

4. We work on the go

We all work from coffee shops, co-working spaces, or the comfort of our own homes. For the longest time we didn’t even have an office, but now we have one to make in-person meetings easier. This workplace flexibility makes for a happier and more dedicated team. We can still spend time with our families while offering you the level of care you deserve! It’s a win win.

5. We’re experts in making booking software

Between them, Timely’s founders have three decades of experience building booking software. Their previous business, BookIt, was founded in 2003 and acquired by New Zealand’s largest ecommerce business in 2010 to start TravelBug. Ryan and Andrew, cofounders of Timely, soon realised that there wasn’t a great booking platform available to small businesses and created Timely in 2012!

6. We listen to you and make the Timely product awesome

A big part of the way we make development decisions at Timely involves what you tell us you want to see added to the app. That’s why we host a feedback forum where you can suggest new features you’d like and vote on existing requests. All of this feedback is integrated into our roadmap and the techbots then build them into the Timely app!

7. We have awesome support

We are super proud of the level of service our customers get. In fact, flick our support team a message and we’ll usually reply to you in under 3 hours. Send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter, and it’ll normally be even less than that! Seriously, put us to the test. We can take it!

8. …and our customers love us for it

The way we’re always available to our customers seems to be popular. Check out our Capterra listing and read the reviews. You’ll see that Customer Service is rated 5/5 by our customers.  It’s heartwarming to read how our customers recognise that we’re always saving time for them and giving them top notch care.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.11.46 pm

9. We have customers in over 65 countries!

Timely was a small startup in 2012 with a handful of staff and few hundred customers. Now Timely has 23 full time staff and thousands of people using the app every day in over 65 countries. From Jamaica and Uzbekistan to England and the U.S., business owners are getting more from their day by automating many of the processes that would otherwise suck up their time. You can see where our customers are located on this map.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.03.19 pm

10. This is just the beginning. Timely is always getting better

The best thing about Timely is that it’s going to keep on getting better. Development is never finished for us. It’s an ongoing process of improving Timely and adding new features until we have a product that is better than the best possible alternative. >A big part of this process depends on what YOU tell us you want Timely to look like and do, and


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