Here at Timely it’s safe to say we love all things beauty, so here’s just a few reasons why you’re incredibly important to the communities you serve and why we’re #timelyproud to be a part of your world.

10 reasons to love the beauty industry

1. Beauty is big business; the latest figures from the British Beauty Council show the industry is worth £27.2 billion, with 590,000 jobs linked to the sector.

2. As one of the few industries that mainly employs women and allows for flexible schedules, beauty has been a lever for helping women into the workforce for decades.

3. Beauty is one of the few ‘recession-proof’ industries. During WWII there was a spike in red lipstick; when things are tough little luxuries help us maintain our sense of self. 

4. Beauty practitioners are already hygiene obsessed – PPE may be new to many businesses, but those working in beauty have been using this stuff for years. You’re unlikely to find a cleaner or safer business model more ready to reopen. And let’s not forget the thousands of PPE items that the industry donated to the NHS over the past few months.

5. Beauty is so much more than ‘pretty nails’; the beauty industry helps clients with very real appearance medicine issues every day, and the continued closures are disrupting treatments that make significant improvements to their daily lives.

6. Beauty represents the Best of British; Britain is home to thousands of award-winning beauty practitioners who have invested years in becoming the very best in their field. That position deserves respect from their politicians!

7. Beauty fosters a sense of community. A study by The Co-op and the British Red Cross reveals over 9 million people in the UK across all adult ages – more than the population of London – are either always or often lonely. The relationships formed in beauty salons are super important, and for many are a key source of community.

8. Beauty practitioners genuinely care about their clients’ wellbeing and are often considered a friend. Not only do they help them feel better about themselves, they also support their mental wellbeing and the general wellness of their communities. 

9. Beauty is on the cutting edge of innovation and development. From vampire facials to diamond microdermabrasion, the beauty industry is always pushing forward to find new treatments and solutions to help clients.

10. Reopening beauty businesses supports so much more than those in the salon. According to Mintel, the UK ranks at the top globally for facial skin care production, and reopening beauty also supports production centres with thousands more jobs across the country.

Photo – Cecily Day Spa