Beauty salon software for spas, clinics and salons

Timely beauty salon software makes your appointment booking and client admin a breeze. Spend less time on your admin, and more time doing what you love.

All your beauty appointments are easy to work with in the beautiful Calendar.

Sort out your schedule

Losing track of your schedule means standing around with unused appointment times, or even worse, a double booking. Timely’s Calendar helps keep your appointments organised.

Timely helps your business succeed

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

You'll love the calendar

Timely’s Calendar can handle all kinds of bookings, repeat bookings, multiple services and more. It's fast and easy to make and adjust appointments.

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

Go Mobile

Why stay chained to your desk? Timely lets you manage your business from anywhere, and online bookings mean your clients can book in even if you're not at your phone.

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

Automated Reminders

Put an end to no-shows with friendly automated SMS and email reminders. No more wasted time following up clients, or standing there with an empty chair.

Supported by industry

Timely is supported by Industry Organisations

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“Timely is what runs us. It’s cut out the need for a receptionist and that whole side of things.”

Ashleigh Scott from The Facialist

Ashleigh Scott
The Facialist

Ashleigh Scott of The Facialist started out as a solo operator, but found all her time consumed with clients. “When you work with clients and are in the treatment room all day every day, it’s really hard to work on a business and grow a business.”

With Timely, she's grown to a staff of three and is now the Creative Director of her business, with a product line and workshops. Having time to step away from client work allowed her to branch out creatively and grow her brand. Read Ashleigh's story.

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Nicky Shore from OFF Wax and Brow Bar

Nicky Shore
OFF Wax and Brow Bar